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No Longer Playing It Safe, by bell hooks

FaceBook  On Apr 5, 2019 Keith wrote:
Currently going through a difficult relationship with another sangha (Buddhist group of practicioners) member. It's like the proverbial thorn in the lion's paw. (I'm very strong-willed.) Last night I made up my mind to love him regardless of his rejection or acceptance. I'm determined to do this for the strength of the sangha as well as my own inner strength. I guess I could say that I felt some kinda "born again" experience in my resolve.

We Contain Multitudes, by Chad Dickerson

FaceBook  On Mar 6, 2019 Keith Roper wrote:
Thanks so much, Kristin! My path is similar to yours: anorexic (borderline); suicidal, schizophrenic father; depression, in my case it's on-going with periodic severe dips;lowest edge of middle class (althonot *very* lowest.) Maybe our biggest difference is that I'm a male and have had to somehow own up to "manhood" with perpetual silence about my past. I'd love to talk to somebody with a similar past but they are few & far between. I'll definitely check out Steer Your Story. Thanks again!