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Seeing Fully, by Ajahn Brahm

FaceBook  On Mar 11, 2014 Cindy Wilson wrote:

 I am a massage therapist and have been practicing for 21 years. Yes, I did say practicing.  I have used the results of my clients to determine whether or not I am good at what I do.  I have a very busy practice and many people who have been seeing me for years.  That alone, one would think would be enough to determine a successful practice.  During this 21 years I just now realize and accept that I make up stories around the successes and so called failures to determine my self worth.  Just like the brick story above, I focus on the imperfections and not on the areas that I love about myself.  I am now letting go of the stories I have been telling myself that always point to the self belief that I am not good enough. I embrace the imperfections and let go of the story telling to confirm beliefs that no longer align with who I am.  I soften and show up in the mystery of it all. 


Why Do We Shout In Anger?, by Unknown

FaceBook  On Nov 12, 2013 Cindy Wilson wrote:

 I believe the physical pressure that builds from an emotional reaction causes one to get it out ASAP and in any way.  It's so emotionally based that there is no logic or reason behind it.  It's actually vary organic in nature and in this society a vary vulnerable experience towards healing.