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What Can You Trust?, by Doug Powers

FaceBook  On May 12, 2020 Alex wrote:
My abusive Father began training me at the age of Seven to use my intuition.Ironically, this knowledge helped me protect myself from him. Over several decades of life it is my heart that provides the ground on which I stand. Such listening has served integrity andguidanceindark times and doubt. It is the true source of happiness.

Hiding A Penny, by Annie Dillard

FaceBook  On Jun 18, 2019 alex merrin wrote:
I once read a story about a woman who experienced great delight in finding pennies. Over a period of 16 years she saved every one she found. She kept them, she banked them and one day discovered a long held dream to visit family roots in Europe became a reality. The pennies all added up to her trip of a lifetime.