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We Are Weavers, by Jon Madian

FaceBook  On Jan 19, 2021 Vivian J wrote:
I've always loved this concept, especially with regard to creation and ideas. Ralph Waldo Emerson compared society to a wave, stating that while the water does not move on, the wave does. By thinking of all of humanity throughout all of time being connected by this mission of weaving a narrative, we become more united. There may be no original ideas, but inspiration and interconnection are more important than originality, and it is from others that we find these elements.

Silence, by Jean Klein

FaceBook  On Jan 7, 2020 Vivian Jin wrote:
This reminds me of a quote from a poem I read recently—"What a relief it would be to scream yourself hoarse, / to be forced intosilence, / the one note you know you can always hold." The poem is called "No, You Shut Up" by Raymond McDaniel

Silence is like a purifying force, the normative state of the mind and soul. It is what one returns to when at a loss for words or actions.