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How will the world be better if I don't change myself?" As Buddhist disciples of Master Hsuan Hua, Rev. Heng Sure and Heng Ch'au took a 800 mile bowing pilgrimage, starting from South of LA. Every three steps, one full bow to the ground to spread compassion in the world. Every three steps. "We get up at 4am and pray and meditate till 10pm. We eat one vegetarian meal a day."

An awe-inspiring account of their journey, from encounters with violent minds to compassionate minds to beer bottles and eggs thrown at them to meals offerred to them everyday, their story speaks volumes to many issues we face in our daily lives! And their response of compassion in all situations is nothing short of amazing. Heng Sure was silent throughout and Heng Chau spoke little to the outside world but they wrote journals and letters which are published and translated in other languages (and duplicated above).

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