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Mark Jacobs & Yoo-mi Lee

Playing guitar to a deaf girl can sound pointless. But if you're Mark Jacobs, it can be a moment of a lifetime. He discovered, in a Calcutta orphanage, that this little girl that everyone thought to be deaf could hear his music and possibly be cured!

It's not everyday that you can change a life like that, but it's also not everyday that you get a prodigious American lawyer and a Korean-born ex-wallstreet-er putting themselves in those right places at the right times.

For almost six months, Mark Jacobs and Yoo-mi Lee traveled the length and breadth of India in the spirit of service. Sure, they'll joke (especially Mark) that a part of them was there just to experience the first-hand Indian food, :) but really this was about finding out what they valued most in life. As Yoo-mi wrote in an email, "Our views of the world, and our own hearts, constantly evolve. Sometimes the change is a radical shift in beliefs; other times, it simply involves a deeper understanding of principles already embraced. This journey allowed us to reflect on the things that are truly important to us."

And boy, did they find out -- random act of kindness here, a CharityFocus chapter there, visiting the slums by the Gandhi Ashram for a day, staying with an NGO in the Kutch dessert for a week, being interviewed by newspaper reporters in Pune, hearing a "Hi Mark!" from random folks on the streets of Kolkata ... it was all part of the royal tour of India, of their own hearts.

On February 5th, Mark and Yoo-mi will be sharing their stories of service, their memorable digital pictures, and the inspirations that will stay with them forever. As Mark puts it, "Gandhiji said 'My life is my message,' and exhorted each of us to 'be the change we wish to see in the world.' Our journey through India presented us, at each turn, an opportunity to formulate our message by being agents of change."

More about Mark/Yoo-mi

In just a few minutes with Mark Jacobs, it's hard not to get caught up in his infectious enthusiasm, or his jaunting laugh that can fill up any room. "When I come back in the next life, I want to come back as me," he'll say.

When you talk with him, you forget that this is a lawyer who has never lost a case in his life, a big shot of sorts that runs his own law firm. It's almost unimportant because Mark's high in life rests with what's in front of him, in that moment.

Yoo-mi Lee has just the right word to say, just the right way to present it and just the right kind of presence to make it all comfortable. She will listen louder than you can talk, observe the tiniest of details, and connect the dots like no one else.

Yet if there was one glaring character trait, outside of her compassion, it would be Yoo-mi's fearlessness. Whether it's about quitting a high paying Wallstreet job to find deeper happiness or visiting over 50 countries and staying in random places to serve the underprivileged, she's got game.

When Mark and Yoo-mi walk together, they're a formidable team that creates ripples of enthusiasm everywhere they go.

Please RSVP above if you'd like to attend, share inspiration and join in a space of service.

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