Waking up to Wisdom
In Stillness and Community

About Us

Many years ago, three friends got together to sit in silence for an hour, and deepen in self-awareness. That simple commitment birthed the beginning of Awakin, and its weekly e-digest that now goes out to subscribers all around the world. Our heartfelt gratitude to the tens of thousands of people who have graced Awakin gatherings in various locations, and to our dedicated subscribers across the globe. Awakin's work is made possible by the offerings of many kindred spirits.

Pavi: wade through umpteen books and recommendations, to find insightful and inspiring passages for the digest. When not searching for the week's 'Wisdom Reading' for the week, she might be found writing poetry. :)

Liz Helgesen: offers up the might of Passion Fruit Productions to provide audio recordings of the wisdom readings every single week. It is estimated that 1 in 4 Americans listen to Liz's voice everyday, through the various voice-mails and other automated media that feature her voice!

Leah Pearlman: is the artist of our team. Every week, she hand draws the art that is featured with every reading. Few years ago, she used to work at FaceBook and has even written a best selling book; but now-days she's making Dharma Comics and Happiness Institute!

Somik Raha: vets every readings that goes out, is the community coordinator for pre-comments every week, and frequently adds his own insights. Considering that his PhD was in the role of values in decision making, he brings a great deal of breadth to the team. Most recently, he is enjoying the joys of fatherhood. :)

Pancho Ramos Stierle: anchors the original Awakin gatherings in Santa Clara, and then hosts another gathering in Oakland. He is part of many parts of Awakin, and consistently nurtures many coordinators. If you don't know about his background, and how he has managed to get arrested for meditating, :) its worth a read!

Nipun Mehta: was part of the initial trio behind this effort, so many years ago, and continues to serve and lead the multiple manifestations of ServiceSpace in ways too many to count.

And thank you to many others who help invisibly in spreading stillness and service, in invisible ways.