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Jun 22, 2013: Birthing a Compassion Revolution

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Nearly five years ago, Sara was facing an unwanted divorce, taking care of her 18-month old daughter, and looking for a job during the economic fallout.  As she says, "I was depressed, and quite frankly, I was a mess."  Her picture-perfect life had been turned upside down, so she was suddenly searching for big signs towards a new direction.  One day, she caught an episode of “Ellen” where she heard a guest say, "Compassion is the most important skill to teach our children.  If we teach a new generation to put themselves in others’ shoes, the world’s social problems would disappear."  That moment changed her life.  As she would later say, "It made sense to me. No more war, no more hunger. You name it and it’s gone, if we could only teach our children to practice The Golden Rule."
Today, Sara has started a campaign called "Compassion It" -- which encourages the use of a dual-colored bracelet to remind us to act compassionately.

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