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Mar 30, 2013: The Value of Values

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Somik Raha, is a dear friend and servant leader of the ecosystem, a PhD in Decision and Risk Analysis from Stanford University, and is now Strategy Consultant at SmartOrg. While talking about this call, this is how he introduced himself and the questions he lives with -

" What happens when a tough and violent martial arts teacher defeats an armed opponent without weapons or violence? What happens when a seasoned software architect's heart rejects the way software is developed, and goes inward toward community, clarity and simplicity? What happens when a world-renowned professor leaves behind the norms of an upside-down world and goes toward truth and clarity? What happens when a philosopher flees Nazi Germany and is determined to find a way to express his deepest anguish as a tool to guide humanity? What happens when a for-profit company starts connecting with its deepest values to drive its strategy? What happens when individuals starts tapping into their deepest values? What happens when you start moving past every ideology you've ever believed in, and go into your "sacred" space? What is the difference between the sacred work of the atheist and the sacred work of the theist? How do we rescue the essence of religion from the religious? How do we rescue the essence of secularism from the secular? How do we rescue ourselves from our ideologies?
These are the questions I live with, and are my first introduction. I will try to explore some of these questions on the forest call. Other introductions: I am a ServiceSpace volunteer, and deeply resonate with the values of this ecosystem. Grateful to be a part of our collective journeys. My head these days is in value-based decision-making, my heart is in software and hi-tech, and my soul is in regeneration. I work at the intersection of values, software, decision analysis, strategy and organizational change at SmartOrg."

Please join us on Saturday the 30th of March and explore the questions together through the "value" lens...

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