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Krupali Tejura: Oncologist, Everyday Hero

Mar 23, 2013: Doctor Who Fulfills Dreams

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Krupali Tejura, MD, a radiation oncologist, treats patients at the Corona Cancer Clinic in Corona, Calif. And via the internet, she channels another powerful form of energy on behalf of patients with advanced-stage cancer — the goodwill and kindness of other people.
Dr. Tejura uses the tools of social media to fulfill the wishes of patients, many of them with terminal conditions.
Tweeting and posting on her blog, which reads like an open letter to the world, Dr. Tejura has fulfilled patients’ dreams as varied as attending a taping of the Ellen DeGeneres show and meeting a famous violinist to seeing a Pittsburgh Steelers football game at Heinz Field.
“My wife is a big Steelers fan, and Dr. Tejura arranged an all-expenses-paid trip and even got NFL Hall of Famer Lynn Swan to meet my wife and sign her jersey,” writes Chuck Chavez, whose wife has late-stage breast cancer. “It was the best medicine for my wife. And Dr. Tejura isn’t even her oncologist.”
On her blog, Dr. Tejura writes, “I honestly don’t do anything but put out a call to the world and at times the world responds.”
Join us on Saturday the 23rd of March to hear from this compassionate doctor... 

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