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Susan Schaller: Author, ALS Expert/Interpreter

Dec 22, 2012: Deep Listening..

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Over 30 years ago, Susan Schaller walked into a community college classroom and discovered a man who had never learned to speak.
Language-less and deaf, Ildefonso, then 27, had a story to share and no means by which to tell it. Susan, then just out of college, took him aside. Day in, day out, they sat together. After countless lessons and an ‘aha!’ moment, he discovered the concept of words. Syntax and grammar followed soon after. After a seemingly impossible series of lessons, the two hit the ground running, and their lives have never quite been the same.
Today, Susan works at the intersection of language and community. She is the author of A Man Without Words, and lives her heart as a passionate writer, educator, facilitator, storyteller, mother, and community-builder.
But what really moves her are the little things, between the lines.
Susan is a seeker of simplicity and experimenter of kindness. After her first visit to Karma Kitchen, she sold her car and began walking everywhere, including the several miles to the pay-it-forward restaurant each week. Her elegant creativity, innovative insight, and spirit of service shine through in this captivating interview.

Join us on December 22 to share in the community of stories and hear insights from Susan's captivating journey. 

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