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Jean Francois Noubel: Collective Intelligence Pioneer

Nov 24, 2012: The Currency of Gratitude

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Jean-François Noubel was one of the founders of AOL France, the startup that brought the Internet to France (1995).  Through a series of transformative experiences, in 2003, he decided to shift his focus entirely towards collective intelligence. He founded The Transitioner, an international think tank on this topic, he wrote many papers and a first copyleft book, “Collective Intelligence, the Invisible Revolution” that became a founding reference. His research work has also been widely covered by media in France and USA, as Jean Francois continues to lecture around the globe.

Jean-François’ research lead him towards new monetary systems -- "free currencies" -- that he feels are going to replace money. Through R&D, Jean-François’ intention is to support civil society and its representatives, as well as social entrepreneurs and pioneers, so they can see the extraordinary perspectives and opportunities that are in front of us, and use collective intelligence technologies and thinking to make a difference.

On Saturday, Nov 24th, Jean Francois will speak about his colorful journey from becoming a pioneering technology leader to spending some time in prison to taking a "vow of wealth" and ultimately spawing a movement around alternative currencies.

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