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Sep 18, 2021
Shanta Premawardhana: Learning from Society's Margins: A Theologian and Peacebuilder Inverts the Paradigm of Mission

How do you stay proximate with and learn from those living on the edges of society? What might you learn from the marginalized about economic justice, about faith, about resilience?

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David Doane shares:
I think what Mr. Premawardhana and OMNIA are doing is a good thing. Also, I think it does matter what one's faith is. To me, your faith is how and what you live. I believe the author lives his faith, and it matters. I think those on the margins and those who are privileged have much to teach one another and it's important that they listen to one another. I do little for people on the edge -- I donate a little money to help them, I support causes and actions that I believe help them, I promote 'us' instead of 'us-them'. I learn from the marginalized how unfair the social system is. I learn from 'them' and from everyone how difficult it is for us to change in ways good for all of us. We all create what we've got.

Francine shares:
your words totally res0nated with me! what you wrote touched my heart with its penetrating TRUTH!

Infinite thank yous,

Francine Burg

Diana shares:
I've had the good fortune to have worked long-term as a facilitator in therapeutic groups at San Quentin prison and at a women's homeless shelter. While I must say I only learned about economic INjustice from this experience, I was deeply touched, time and again, by the powers of faith and resilience that my group participants displayed, in the face of the deep hardships and traumas they were enduring and had endured. I came away from these experiences knowing that "the marginalized" are our true teachers in these realms -- while I was there ostensably to bring meditation (among other things) to these folks, often the true 'wisdom' emerged from the group participants. Among the marginalized are living examples of faith, resurrection and miracle.

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