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Feb 27, 2021
Oscar Perez Marcos: Developing Conscious Leaders: The Social MBA

Is there a pivotal inflection point in your life where you took a break to reconsider what doesn't matter and what really matters to you? How did that inflection point arise, and then manifest in your journey?

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David Doane shares:
I don't think any adults surrender totally unconditionally -- I do think there are many who provide service and help others, and I think that's great. I was conditioned to service and learned to be of service from childhood, and have infection points ongoingly to consider and reconsider what really does and doesn't matter to me. The initial inflection point was spread out over a childhood of conditioning and learning in a Christian focused household. The religious aspect has changed very much for me over my lifetime, but the service element has stayed with me quite consistently. I think it's important for parents to emphasize service by their living.

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