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Sep 19, 2020
Tuesday Ryan-Hart: Equity and Relationships at the Center of Systems Change

Our guest this week believes that working together drives collaboration and the discovery of shared purpose, rather than vice versa. The real work, she says, is that which drives collaboration (or perhaps paraphrasing Rumi, that which moves diverse groups beyond whatever stands in the way of love). With this framing, what do you see as part of your real work?

Previous Reflections
David Doane shares:
Within Ryan-Hart's frame of real work is that which drives collaboration, I see a fundamental part of real work being recognition that we are one, totally interconnected, and out of that recognition flows compassion and collaboration in real work that benefits all.

Alan Brisley shares:
To somehow engage the paradigm of village abundance and health with conventional patriarchal, racist, scarcity based hierarchical culture in a way that moves people to choose kindness and the health of nature in their everyday habits.

Ashley Cooper shares:
How do you navigate the cultural barriers in groups when working with folks who have had to fight for their rights for so long, when fighting against power has been the necessary approach, when folks are constantly feeling targeted, and so that fighting against spirit makes its way into spaces that are intending to be collaborative and in shared work.

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