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Noirin Ni Riain & Sons: Irish spiritual singers

May 7, 2020: Song of the Cocoon: Tuning Our Heart's Ear in Times of Transition

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Close on the heels of a marvelous Awakin Call with Nóirín Ní Riain, comes an irresistible offering of triple the inspiration! 

Nóirín, together with her beloved sons and collaborators, Owen and Michael O'Sulleaibhain, regularly leads sacred tours in Ireland's Golden Vale. The three of them are world-renowned performers and keepers of Irish sacred tradition. In the context of the 2020 global pandemic, they have initiated Dámh Imeall - The (h)Edge School -- a series of online retreats that offer immersive experiences around thoughtfully curated themes. This webinar will be one of their gifted offerings, focused on tuning our hearts' ear to the song of our cocoon.

"Cocooning" is the term Ireland has adopted for the current shelter-at-home phenomenon. It is an evocative term that evokes the mystery of the caterpillar's confinement, and holds an implicit reminder that these close quarters with self are a mandatory part of metamorphosis. In this webinar, our one-of-a-kind trio will explore, through stories, ritual, music and sacred inter-faith texts, what it means to tune our faculty of listening to the heart's guidance that whispers to us within the cradle of uncertain times, and beckons us towards our own evolution. With their characteristic blend of poetry and practical offerings, Nóirín, Owen and Michael will create a space for listeners to collectively lean into the summons of this singular time in which we find ourselves.

Nóirín is a singer, interfaith minister, and doctor of theology.  She coined a discipline of listening to the Divine, which she calls Theosony.  Nóirín has released sixteen albums since 1978, including three with her sons. Owen is a singer, composer, and teacher who works with leaders in creativity, healthcare, and technology, including the Stanford University Storytelling Project, Natividad Medical Foundation, and eBay. Micheal is a singer, musician, and poet. He holds an MA in Ethnomusicology specializing in Irish rap music. His first book of poetry was just released by David Whyte's Many Rivers press.

Join us for this unique immersive experience with these world renowned sacred performers.

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