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Aug 25, 2012: From Marine Corps to The Bindi Project

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Sunil Desai is the President and founder of The Bindi Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering love and respect for women and girls in India by engaging boys and men directly and broader audiences through public and social media. He envisions an Indian society that loves and respects all its daughters, values them as integral and productive members, and enables them to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives, free from all forms of violence, exploitation, and discrimination.

Previously, he served for 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, achieving the rank of lieutenant colonel and holding a variety of command, operations, planning, and executive staff positions both in garrison and combat and receiving over 30 individual and unit awards and medals including the Bronze Star. Additionally he served as an International Affairs Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, a Next Generation Fellow with the American Assembly at Columbia University, and as a delegate to Asia Society’s inaugural Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit. Sunil graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with a BS in mathematics and earned an MA in International Affairs from the Catholic University of America. He lives near Philadelphia with his wife and two children.

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