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Jun 30, 2012: Walking 5000 Kilometers For Peace

Read Blog By Audrey Lin:
Pilgrims for Peace: Mony and Alberto  

In 2001, Mony  Dojeiji and Alberto Agraso made decisions that would profoundly alter the course of their lives. Mony, a Lebanese-Canadian woman with a successful career, was so moved by the events of September 11 that she decided to embark on a humbling journey for peace. She began on the Way of St. James, also known as the Camino de Santiago, in northern Spain. Shortly after reaching la finisterre ("the end of the world"), she met Alberto Agraso, a gifted Spanish artist who similarly left behind a secure career in pursuit of his dreams. A little while later, the two began journeying together, this time on a 5000 km walk for peace from Rome to Jerusalem. Their walk would take them from cities to villages, forests to shorelines, and from one language to another. The path revealed itself to be a journey of self-discovery and inner peace,  and they continue to walk on it today.

Please join us on Saturday, June 30 to listen to Mony and Alberto's inspiring stories of kindness, generosity, and truth as we take a few steps with these two remarkable peace pilgrims.

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