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May 26, 2012: Power of Grassroots Service

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Power of Grassroots Service  

We are delighted to have Shruti and Prakash as guests on our Forest Call this Sunday. If Margaret Mead ever need proof for her quote, "Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world; in fact, its the only thing that ever has," this remarkable couple is it.

Living in one of the most challenged neighborhoods in the Hayward neighborhood of California, Shruti and Prakash find that no matter how steep the problem, community is the answer. On the weekends, they host a gift-economy yoga classes for the locals; at night, Shruti and her friends will patrol the streets simply by taking walks and talking to the teens; Prakash can often be found painting over the graffiti on the streets. At the local libraries, they volunteer to teach English. They connect with farmers in the farmers market right opposite their home and when they are gifted produce, they will often turn them into other baked goodies, pepper with Indian spices, and gift it back to their families. Now, most recently, they've started a Karma Kitchen at a local coffee shop to step up the ethos of generosity in their community.

This Saturday, we will hear from this couple about what motivates them to serve, what changes they've seen in their communities, and why they are firm believers in grassroots community change.

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