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Jun 16, 2012: On Laddership

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Last week, ServiceSpace Leaders from all over the world got together for a "laddership" retreat.  And this Saturday, June 16th, Ashish, Arathi and Viral will help co-reflect the learnings that we gleaned during that powerful collective experience.

The retreat, centered around significant changes that have emerged during the CharityFocus-ServiceSpace shift, started with a Native American ceremony led by an elder John Malloy, and ended with a silent walk of gratitude -- both followed by a circle of sharing that moved almost everyone to tears.  In between were updates on ServiceSpace projects, some of the new edges, along with key topics of our times, like Social Media.  We had small group discussions, informal brainstorms, and silent reflections.  The second day revolved around learning from our International friends in service, from Seva Cafe, ManavSadhna, Urban Ashram, Byakko, and more. Of course, lots of unexpected kindness "tags" in between too.  The heart-opening songs, three-steps-and-bow prior to Rev. Heng Sure's inspiring talk, spontaneously created art from local materials -- all added to the inner and outer ambiance, that yielded unexpected insights and ripples for participants.

Join us this Saturday to co-reflect on the retreat and hold space for collective sharing.

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