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Feb 25, 2012: Call On Technology and Wisdom

Read Blog By Audrey Lin:
Where Wisdom Meets Technology: Call with Tom Mahon  

Every week, we have a "Forest Call" to share insights and inspiration from various corners of the ServiceSpace ecosystem.  Typically, the call opens with a circle of sharing, then features a guest speaker and is followed by dynamic Q&A around the emergent themes.

Our guests this week will be: Tom Mahon!  About 95 percent of all the scientists and technologists who ever lived are working today.  And about 95 percent of history’s greatest wisdom teachers have been dead for over 1,500 years.  As a result, "Men have become the tool of our tools." (Thoreau) So then, how do we bring wisdom into technologies we are building? Author and futurist Tom Mahon has spent a lifetime trying to raise important questions and this Saturday, he will speak about his journey of being a journalist with a ringside seat at ground zero of the digital revolution (since the 70s), most recently having a profound encounter with death, and even writing some children's books!

If you'd like to join the call, please RSVP below and you'll be emailed the call-in information as we get closer to date of the call.

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