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Mike Dooley: The Power of Thought

Kozo: Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening. My name is Makala Kozo, and I'll be your host for our Weekly Global Awakin Call. Welcome and thank you for joining us. The purpose of these calls is really to share stories and to tell stories. Stories that help plant seeds for a more compassionate society, while fostering our own inner transformation. We do this by holding collective conversations with guest speakers from all walks of life who inspire us through their actions, to live in a more service-oriented way. Behind each of these calls is an entire team of Service Space volunteers whose invisible work allows us to hold this space.

Today, our special guest speaker is none other than Mike Dooley, and someone who really embodies today’s theme of The Power of Thought. Here’s how the call works. In a few minutes, our moderator, Nicole Huguenin will engage in a deep dialogue with our speaker, Mike Dooley. By the top of the hour, we’ll roll into Q&A and a circle of sharing where we invite all your reflections and questions. Since we have the pleasure of a remarkable moderator, Nicole Huguenin, today, I thought we’d start by asking her to take off the circle.

Nicole: I’m going to introduce Mike Dooley, our guest today. For those of you that don’t know, Mike Dooley is the Founder of TUT. I love the tagline, Mike, a philosophical adventure club. I want to delve into that in a little bit exactly what that means and where that came from, but TUT had been around for many, many, many years in the form of emails, and classes, and traveling, and coaching, and so many things. One of the things is that daily email called the Notes from the Universe which is the only email that I get that I read every single day right at the very beginning of the morning because it really sets a tone for my thoughts. Mike, hello.

Mike: Hello Nicole and Kozo, great to be with you guys. Thanks for the introduction and for having me,

Kozo: Thanks for joining us, Mike.

Nicole: Absolutely, thank you. I actually want to ask you, right off the bat, about your daily emails. Do you write them? Are you the one who writes them?

Mike: I am the one who writes them and I’ve written about 3000, and they’ve been going out maybe 14 years. The year before that, I wrote as Mike which ironically was never that popular, not as popular as the Notes from the Universe, but I’ve surrendered to this feeling that if I wrote as the universe, I could say more from a different angle, and have it be more impactful.

I resisted because I thought, that’s a little bit arrogant and presumptuous, and who are you to write as the Divine because that’s what the universe is, it’s God, but when I capitulated and wrote the very first one timidly on a Friday, I immediately saw there was room for levity, and humor, and then it wouldn’t be taking myself so seriously. From that point forward, for almost a year, I only sent them on Fridays and it was Mike Monday through Thursday. Finally, the light went on, and I said, “It is more fun to write as the universe, people dig them.” Maybe 13 years ago, that became an absolute daily, and I stopped writing as Mike. At least, the emails are not as Mike.

Nicole: Wow. I’d love to hear how that shifted, the way that you brought these emails out. From my perspective, I actually host a 21-day challenge on our sister site of this Awakin Calls called Kind Spring, and there’s a feature to automate the emails going out every morning. I’ve realized that by me waking up in the morning, and instead of automating but sending it out, rereading what I had written as a prompt, and sending it out allowed me to be present with all of the readers in this collective thoughtful way. It’s been such a wonderful practice. I am excited to hear on your end, writing those emails, how has that really impacted your day to day and your presence with all of the people that are in your universe.

Mike: My gosh. They started out significantly as an answer to my questions, and an angle or an enhanced perspective on whatever I was going through. I’ve never, to this day, sat down with an intention to write about gratitude or whatever. I think that’s too much meddling and too restrictive. I sit down with the intention of writing something that makes me laugh, that makes me go “woohoo.” Usually, I just grasp the thin air, and I have no idea what I’m going to say.

I follow a little ritual that parallels what I teach, thoughts become things. For one minute prior to writing, I think of the end result I’m after which is me going “Woohoo.” That’s all I think of, just joy. The only way that kind of energy can come to pass as a “thing,” is if I write really well. That’s the magic of understanding how focusing on end results will bring about the house in the most expeditious, happy way.

Of course, the intermediary step that I also teach for all manifestations is once you’ve got the end result clear in your mind, emotionally preferred, you then have to physically do something about it which can be daunting because often times, we know what we want but we have no idea how we’re going to get there, but what this means is you have to do something, you have to do anything, even go in the wrong direction, do the wrong thing because immediately, guidance will be forthcoming. Because you’ve taken action, you’ve demonstrated expectation, you’ve demonstrated a belief, you’ve demonstrated faith that this will be done, and that summons whatever other resources you need to complete the journey, be them creativity, or courage, or insight.

That’s how they come about. That’s how I write them. They’re usually an answer to whatever is going on in my mind. Sometimes, I’ll be just thinking about life in general or somebody dear to me, and what they’re going through, and I’ll be thinking of a way to frame their circumstances for them in a way that they can see it all brand new. That’s what the notes are.

For those who don’t receive the Notes from the Universe, they’re typically several lines, never more than several paragraphs long. They’re extremely short, and that’s the challenge I have to say as much as possible with as little as possible because everybody is busy. They have things to do. They don’t want to read a three-page easing about whatever I’m going through in my life.

Nicole: Wow.

Mike: It helps a lot.

Nicole: Yeah. I love the practice of sitting down before I even start, and just saying, “Woohoo.”

Mike: It’s a help.

Nicole: What intrigues me about your work is there’s this underlying sense of potential positivity and consciousness. For me, I have that intent. I do a lot of mindful practices to stay in the moment of what I want to create in my life. One of which is smiling at everybody that crosses my path. Yet, my emotions don’t necessarily match those practices. My emotions are constantly flowing like water, and flowing in and out of the dark depth, and then acting like these really wonderful waves on the beach. Sometimes, they influence my thoughts, and instead of just continuing to pass by. I would love to know what your practices are to maintain that thought become your reality, and then the play between your emotions as well.

Mike: I think your end result, as stated, to smile at everyone is very noble and gorgeous. To force yourself through it would not be helpful. We have to dig deeper. That’s why, to answer your earlier question, the Adventurers Club is a philosophical adventurers’ club. To anyone listening right now who thinks that positive thinking is one way of dealing with life, creative visualization, “Hey, that’s beautiful, nice theory,” sometimes, it might work. Sometimes, you might be lucky. It’s like, “No.” This is the absolute pillars of what create reality.

As Kozo said, the Maharishi or the Yogi, whoever it was, said that he exists in all of our minds. Seth, dictated by the late Jane Roberts, said that our physical being doesn’t receive what’s around us, it projects it in place. Thoughts becoming things, the law of attraction, the power of positive thinking, creative visualization hints at the absolute modus operandi that makes our world spin. It is the end-all and be-all of everything, but we’ve got to put legs under the table. We can’t just leave it at that because there’s a billion questions unanswered that’s not addressed with power, and make this looks like silly hocus-pocus voodoo.

To get to the legs under the table, we need to realize, and it’s easy, a child could do it, we are spiritual beings, we are eternal beings, we must be, could not possibly be anything else literally, not metaphorically, the eyes and the ears of God come alive in the dream of life. One question will solidify that. If not made of God, what are we made of? It’s a preposterous notion. There is this divine intelligence that incorporates, and creates, and exists within absolutely everything.

When you get to that and you start realizing that now you find yourself within these illusions of time and space, as a million other teachers and gurus have said, given our divinity, our divine nature that we are God particles, if you will, and to soothe anyone’s anxiety, God is infinitely more than who we think we are. God is infinitely more than I can even ever be able to grasp, and I am not speaking about any kind of God or other religion.

In my last book, the Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell You, to quote, “Religion needs spirituality. Spirituality does not need religion.” They’re often, as we define religion these days and historically, counterproductive, they do not go well together. One is man-made, and is filled with agenda and to-dos that are mindless, and the other is an innate recognition that there is more to reality than our physical senses perceive, that we’re all here by design, vis-à-vis intelligence for a reason and a purpose.

We don’t even have to connect any more dots than that. You don’t have to know what your purpose is, you don’t have to know what the reason is, you don’t have to define God beyond a recognition that there’s more to this whole game in the jungles of time and space than what we can detect with our physical senses, but yet, since we now find ourselves within them, we can effortlessly know, it had to be for beautiful reasons. It had to be for brilliant reasons. It had to be motivated by love. It had to be with a sense of order and purpose.

While here, all of us can take stock of our lives and realize that virtually, 94% of every good, bad, and ugly thing that has ever happened to us was preceded by our thoughts, beliefs, expectations, intentions, and actions. For the 6% of things that just came from left field, and you have no idea of what happened. That doesn’t negate what is otherwise easily deducible just because you don’t know the reason yet. Give it some time. Instead, claim to be part of it. Claim to be a co-creator of it at a very, very minimum; if not, the sole creator of it, and skip trying to explain it.

Things will make sense over time. Very often, when the unthought-of lands on our path, it is always, not very often, it is always a stepping stone and a journey to a more distant place that we had been thinking of, that we could not have gotten to without going through this unthought-of territory which is not to imply that any random willy-nilly pointless thing can happen to anyone of us. That can never happen. Whatever does happen on that task, unthought-of or otherwise, would be in alignment and in concert with all of our other thoughts, beliefs, and expectations.

We are a moving body of work. We are eternal beings. We are, as I said, my joke … Not my joke, in my book, we are these eternal gladiators of love and joy rolling through eternity, and we have momentarily blinked our eyes so that we could have this seemingly lifetime of lessons in the jungles of time and space that will seemingly last a hundred years, but time is pure fantasy, pure illusion. Real enough when you’re within in, but in the greater scheme of things, it is not at all what we think it is.

From this realization, meaning that we knew we existed prior to this happening, prior to our incarnation, prior to me being Mike Dooley, there had to be some energy essence that chose to be here that is of me, by me, a derivation form of me. We then realize that there may have been some unfinished business, glorious, loving, icky and sticky, whatever from other incarnations which would have led me to choose, as we all choose, the stage that my life would be lived on, and I might choose parents that would love me, and cuddle me, and direct me to a fulfilling joyful existence or I might choose the opposite, no parents, put up for adoption, with some hideous disease, and a difficult circumstances. Why? Because of the probabilities that I could see would likely come from that lifetime, nothing being set in stone.

Even if someone’s got baggage, or momentum, or unfinished business, we can still trump all of that within reason. Within reason, I mean, we’re not going to change who our parents are. We’re not going to change our skin color. We’re not going to grow a new arm but in all other areas, which is virtually all other areas are alive, which is virtually all of life, we can trump with our thoughts, beliefs any karma, ancient spiritual contracts, intentions by our greater self, or any other concepts that has explained the nature of reality; and thereby, begin living deliberately moving towards fortune. I don’t just mean that financially but I absolutely want to include that aspect of it.

Why wouldn’t we? There’s absolutely nothing unspiritual about abundance. We can move towards greater health, more friends, improved clarity, inventions, story lines, plots, joy and fulfillment. That’s our nature. Those are our default settings in this ocean of love that we call time and space.

Nicole: Thank you. On my list of questions I was going ask you about some of your fundamental truths, and I think you just shared those.

Mike: Those are absolutely some of mine, and I go in my books to say how important it is that every single human being ask the hard questions like, who the hell am I? How did I get here? What can I do with my life, and how can I do it? If you don’t ask those questions, you’re going to live according to other people’s answers. Generally, other people’s answers at this day and age, at this juncture are not that empowering, that God is angry, that we’re guinea pigs, that we’re being tested, judged, and sentenced or ridiculously, that life is a random chance accident, a space dust that collided, I don’t know, landed in the ocean.

I don’t know how they got consciousness out of space dust colliding or two grains of sand nestled against each other at the bottom of the ocean for a billion years is absurd and unaddressed but a good portion of the world feels like their life is just a chance, just a freak nature, so to speak, which totally ignores the true “miracles” that are bound everywhere and in all of our lives, including our abundantly evident nature as positive beings, as constructive beings, as loving beings, as peaceful beings.

There’s 200 countries on the earth, give or take (depending on how you define a country or a territory), and I am just going to pull a number out of the air which I think is not far from the truth, 5 are in direct war. Maybe 10 are in direct war. We got 190 nations that are cooperating, that are peaceful, filled with families that adore each other, that support each other to the best of their ability, that see beauty in a cup of coffee or walk in nature. We are immersed in miracles.

Nicole: I want to take that to a place of sharing some of those miracles. I would love to go from this bigger place, and hear either your story or anyone of the people that you work with of that miracle, of a story. For me, sharing those stories of miracles helps us to know that they are bound, as you say, the 190 countries that are on a day-to-day on that living space are in cooperation, and beauty, and love, and cooperation, and creativity. Do you want to share some of your story?

Mike: My background is very conventional which I think helps me not to have ever lost touch with theory. I was raised a Catholic. I am not a Catholic. I am not of any religion today but that was how conventional my background was. Mom got us into competitive horseback riding. Not that we had money, we didn’t. We didn’t own horses or anything like that but that’s irrelevant, but we got into horseback riding when I was nine and ten years old. My sister and I, we would just do, basically, a group class once a week.

I remember, looking back, we can see the evidence that one of the first times I ever really maybe engaged these absolute principles of the power of mind and reality construction was having lost coming in sixth place out of six contenders, my first horse show. I really wanted to win, and not even enough to think it was possible, and I said, “Mom, how do I win?” She said, “Do three things, ride with your heels down, ride with your shoulders back, and every night before you go to bed, pray and ask God to help you do your best.”

Now, this is not going to turn religious but in hindsight, I remember every single day looking forward to the evenings when I could have this conversation with my buddy, God, about me winning and come show day, I did. Looking back, I realized something else happened every single night during these conversations with God. Every night, for just a couple of minutes, I held in my mind a vision of myself winning. I could hear my name being called last which is the case for the first place winner, not first, which is the case for losers, which I was, my first competition. I could see that trophy being handed to me. I could see that little pony on the top of it. I just felt I got the formula. Mom told me the formula and this is what I am going to do. Those images undoubtedly played a huge role in me going from worst to first in my little class of riders at the age of ten years old.

Beyond that, the next time I really remembered this principle in my life was shortly after I graduated from college with an accounting degree. I was quickly hired … No, not quickly. Three months of pounding the payment hired by Price Waterhouse, today’s Price Waterhouse Coopers, only to learn that I was probably the worst auditor ever unleashed upon humanity since the profession began. I couldn’t do anything right. I was a bumbling idiot. I was on the chopping block to being fired from my first job in the real world.

It was then, driven by being petrified of losing my first job in the real world, that I committed to visualizing every single day because during college, mom would send me these books, Creative Visualization, Silva Mind Control, the Seth Material dictated by the late Jane Roberts, Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions, and I was totally into it. I was like, “I knew it.” This is everything that I ended up deducing on my own because I couldn’t find answers out there in the religious groups, and the prayer circles, and the Bible studies. I went to all of them looking for answers.

Then, I was like, “Yeah, confirmation, I knew it, of course, life is beautiful, we’re not being judged, and the power of our life to change the circumstances of our life comes from our given focus in thought, word, and deed,” but you don’t start doing it. You think because you discovered the truth, and you’re on cloud nine, and you’re bouncing off the walls that that’s going to be enough to change your life, and it’s not. It is not close to enough to changing the life. You have to embody these principles, and walk with these truths, and speak with these ideas.

That’s why I was nearly fired from my first job but within three weeks of starting my visualization routine, the most miraculous thing happened which at the time seemed all bad. The head of human resources called. Let me clarify. During the visualizations, I was a bad auditor who wanted to be a good auditor, but bad auditors don’t know what good auditors do or they wouldn’t be bad auditors which meant, I didn’t know how to visualize myself as a good auditor appreciated by the firm. Here’s what I did and it’s a trick that is part of my lessons now, very important.

Instead of visualizing your dream coming true, in fact I suspiciously tell audience members, do not visualize your dream coming true. Instead, visualize that it already came true. Now, you’re a month or a year down the road. Now, you’re visualizing your life. Now, you’re considering your new goals, priorities. Now, you’re dealing with a new set of lions, and tigers, and bears that will make you even more awesome than you knew it has to be.

I visualize myself happy at work which seemed preposterous. Visualizing will often seem like pathetically insufficient when your life is in turmoil. Do it anyway. The baby steps, the same thing, aesthetically insufficient, take them anyway. I’m visualizing myself happy at work. I visualize myself saying hi to the partners and staff, and them acknowledging me because up until that time, they weren’t. I was the pariah. I was the bad news kid. People would walk the other way. They would shun me. It was harrowing.

Nicole: You were in it. You were just moving it.

Mike: I was in it. I used to just dread going to work every single day, but within three weeks, the phone rang. It was the head of human resources. I was the only audit staffer not in the field on a team because nobody wanted me on their team. I am just twiddling my thumbs in there, waiting for the big call, and human resources. This is not a call anybody wants but he then shocked me.

He said, “Mike, I’ve been talking to the tax partners, and they’re overwhelmed as they approached April 15th income tax filing deadline.” At the time, it was maybe two months or six weeks away. “Mike, I’ve been talking to the audit partners, and they wouldn’t mind loaning you to the tax department,” which of course they wouldn’t mind loaning me, they couldn’t figure out a way to get rid of me quick enough but that the tax department would take me on, but I thought this was all bad. All auditors are terrified of tax, particularly bad auditors. I had no choice, I was loaned.

Yet, in what seemed like no time at all, I was happy at work. I was acknowledged by the partners, I had friends, and my temporary loan became a permanent transfer, and my career blasted off. From there, I’ve got two more stories on that same thing, if I should continue or you have some questions?

Nicole: I do. In my work, I take people on walks at the form of visualization, and they share a dream that they have. I actually say, similar to what you’ve just eluded to, which is instead of visualizing the dream coming true, visualize that it already had come true, and what I’ve learned. I’ve walked with a couple thousand people now, and it really actually doesn’t matter what dream you share on these walks. It just matters that you share a dream, and it’s like exercising those muscles for when you do have something that’s calling you. What I would love to hear, that bigger purpose, when something that is bigger than you, does call, you’re able to hear it. I would love to hear your call. You’re obviously not in accounting anymore. When did you hear that call, and how did you hear it, and what advice would you give to somebody that might have a similar type of call?

Mike: It’s really easy but I would imagine for a good many listeners, it’s not what they want to hear. Follow your heart, do what you want to do. Follow your bliss, as Joseph Campbell said. For me, I didn’t know. The reason that half of your listeners will not like this is because they don’t know what their bliss is. They’ve messed not only with the curse of hows, but with the curse of shoulds, and we get so far off the path and so far away from who we really are authentically, that we don’t even know anymore, and we’ve maybe spent a year or 10 or 30 in a job that was only mildly satisfying, and then somebody says, “You want to find your purpose, follow your heart.” It’s like that, and they throw something across the room.

For me, sometimes, knowing what you don’t want is enough. For me, after six years of Price Waterhouse, and being promoted to the manager level, then I took a tour of duty to the Middle East which was just stunning and amazing. I traveled all over the world over 18 months. I went to Boston for a couple of years, but it just wasn’t me, and I wanted something, I wanted anything. I’d rather quit, and scramble, and try to make something happen than not quit and wonder what would have happened if I had gone for it.

I had this really, by then, pitchy career with Price Waterhouse earning the equivalent of six figures US dollars in today’s money when I was 28 years old, 29. It’s not all about money. I totally, totally get that but it does paint a picture. I had a quick living situation in Boston. I used to walk to work. I used to travel internationally for fun, but I’d rather quit that situation than be there forevermore.

Following my bliss was like, “What the hell is my bliss?” Six years with Price Waterhouse, and no one has hired me away, and never once that I had hunter call. I just quit. I sold my condo. Everything lined up as I found a buyer from my condo. I just got promoted to manager. I felt like if I don’t leap right now, I may never have such a golden opportunity. I was not attached, I was not in relationships so I quit and I moved to Orlando, Florida simply because my brother was here. I grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida. Florida was a homecoming but it wasn’t the same town.

There, upon arriving, I still had no idea what I would be doing, what, my bliss was, but I felt like, “Look, I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to be a business person. I don’t care what kind of business I ran. I don’t care if it’s a hardware store, or a bookstore, or a franchise, or anything. I just want to have unlimited potential to live as fully, and creatively, and abundantly as I possibly can.”

Because nothing came along, we heeded my mother who is like, “You knuckleheads, why don’t you form a t-shirt company using my brother’s art?” He was just out of art school and he was already receiving royalties from other t-shirt companies for designs he had submitted. “Mike, you’re the accountant. You’d be the business handle and the two of you could go into business selling t-shirts all over the world.”

Since nothing else came along, and now this is not the life of my dreams, this is not my bliss, this is not my choice. Indirectly because I had no other options, it became my choice. Then, mom joined us which is not what I was planning on. It was like, “OH God.” The three of us had a very hard two years. I had no income. None of us had income the first year. Andy had another job, my brother, so he could make ends meet. I had my little savings. My mom had a little savings. The second year, we made $12,000 each which was reflective of how poorly things were coming together. The third year, our little company grows to over a million dollars, and then we were eventually in every US department store. We had wholesalers and distributors the world. It was just like, “Wow, overnight success in three years.”

We did that for ten years. The thing that happens when you at least are doing what you can with what you’ve got from where you are, because that might be all you have if you don’t know where your bliss indicator is. Just do something, do anything, do it to the absolute best of your ability, or as I tell audiences in one of my programs, keep doing what you’re doing if you don’t know what else to do, but do it better. That will free you from it.

Now, I didn’t follow that advice since I was at Price Waterhouse. I didn’t say do it better. I was just like, “I’m out of here, man. This is not me.” I wouldn’t tell anybody they should just quit like I did but that’s how I did it. It took years for us to get going in the t-shirt business. In the ten years that we did that, we, three people, grows $10 million which is simply to be reflective of we had it going on. We were creatively challenged and everything, but the trends were declining and we had already bought my mother out.

It wasn’t my bliss or Andy’s bliss. It just paid the bills and it was a cool thing that identified us but we were more than our career. Still hadn’t figured out my bliss; although we had a very good run in this t-shirt business. Andy and I decided, if we liquidate now, we will avoid going down with these sinking trends. We’ll be ahead financially. We won’t owe anybody a penny, and we can individually figure out what comes next.

This is my story for finding my bliss. I’m almost there. Then I’m almost 40 years at that time which was 15 years ago, 39 years old, and I was like, “Now, what the hell happened? Why am I 39? I have no career momentum. I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life. Except I don’t want to go back into public accounting and I don’t want to go back into t-shirts and gifts. What am I going to do?” People talk about not having a light at the end of the tunnel. I had no tunnel. I was truly rudderless. I couldn’t explain how I got in this presumable mess but I could explain how to move from it, and that’s what I teach now.

That’s what I was fascinated in all the way back to my teenage years, in competitive sports, creative visualization. Thoughts become things not sometimes, but all the time. Not just our positive thoughts but the other ones too. Fortunately, our positive thoughts have a greater likelihood of becoming things, given our divine intergalactic joyful nature, than our negative thoughts do. Nobody needs to worry about having negative thoughts. Just do your best.

Then, this is what I tell my audiences now who find themselves where I was 15 years ago. No idea what comes next but you know you got to make something happen. Assess your sucky options, give yourself a deadline like one week, and choose the least sucky. You have no other choice but to sit at home, waiting for Oprah to call, and she’s never going to call you. Not if you’re sitting at home waiting for her.

Just because you don’t know what to do doesn’t give you license to put it off and not do something. If you want change on this plane of manifestation, you have to physically do something about it. Even if you want ethereal joy added to your cup so that it run it over, you have to physically do something about it. One of the main lessons I put through the Notes from in the Universe, and in my ten books, and my world tours, and lectures.

I went down these sucky paths. To make a long story short, amidst a ton of failure and disappointments, within two years, I had what was probably the best selling self-improvement audio program on the entire internet, Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams. Within a year of that, I was on my first self-proclaimed world tour, simply going to cities, far and hither and yon from Atlanta, Georgia, to Honolulu, to Sydney, Australia, to Auckland, New Zealand, everywhere, 24 cities on my first world tour speaking only to those who received my daily Notes from the Universe who within two months of my arrival, I started saying, “Hey, if you want to talk about leveraging the universe, engaging the magic, I am going to be in your neck of the woods, blah, blah, blah.”

I’ve never stopped touring. I’m on my fourth world tour right now. I’ve been to six continents, 132 cities. Most of those cities, I’ve spoken in three or four times. This is not to brag or to say I did this. This is to say, even if you all have are sucky choices, and no idea of what is the right way, and nothing else to go on, no career momentum, it’s plenty. It is plenty. You just need to have end results which for me were wealth and abundance because I was worried about losing my home, friends and laughter, creative fulfilling work, “I have no idea, God, what that would be, You figure it out,” and I wanted to travel internationally again because I’ve been grounded for the way trends were in our lives.

With a year of my touring, I was invited to participate in this documentary on the Secret, and I’m like, “What’s the secret?” It was Rhonda, and she’s like “It’s the law of attraction.” That’s who I got into Secret. They were big fans of Notes from the Universe. They were big fans of Infinite Possibilities, the audio program. Once you’re in something like the Secret, all those publishers who publishers who had rejected Infinite Possibilities, as the book, wanted it. I was able to do a wonderful arrangement with Atria, Simon and Schuster, and Beyond Words joint venture, the same pair that brought out the Secret. Because of Notes from the Universe subscribers only, solely because of them, the book debuted at number seven on the New York Times Bestsellers List.

When you have a New York Times Bestseller, foreign publishers want the rights. I know that there’s many people in India right now listening. Infinite Possibilities is in India right now. I don’t know what language, Hindi or whatever, but 25 languages. My life has been a fairytale for the last decade, and it wasn’t like it was sucky one day, put my head down on the pillow, tears in my eyes, and the next day I woke up, and I was on the yellow brick road. It was a slow metamorphosis that I couldn’t even see happening when it was happening. I was perpetually disappointed with how slow things were going in those first couple of years. I was perpetually badmouthing my life and my mother like, “When is my life going to take off? This sucks. I hate speaking,” but it just builds up.

Nicole: I would love to maybe go just a little bit more into that because I have a similar story to you, and I was able to give myself a month of time and space which is what I really heard you just say is you took some risk but you really gave yourself some time and space. I remember being in that month and all I could do is sleep. I was a teacher and I was exhausted from 15 years of teaching. At the end of that month, I was like, “Uh-oh, I didn’t think about what’s next.” I just stopped thinking. I was just recovering. In our society, we move so fast. For me, that’s why I choose to walk because it’s our natural way to slow down, to be able to hear what might be calling, and be able to assess, what is that next step? One of the pieces of advice that I was given in that time was just play, play with any idea that comes to you until it works or doesn’t work. The ones that work, keep going. Take the next step. I would love to delve into that. When you’re sitting in the day-to-day, and you’re like, “I know this doesn’t work,” do I take one more step? Do I don’t? Do I take a totally … Do I follow this other idea? What was going on for you in that time? How did you keep going?

Mike: I was so mortified, embarrassed, and scared that I was 39 years old, and I had nothing ahead of me. Nothing. No confidence in any of these. I am sending out free emails. That was not the life of my dreams. That’s how I started doing what I do today. As I share, it was Mike in the beginning, then it turned into Notes. Even when I saw it pick up and become more popular that first year and second year, it was not the life of my dreams, I wasn’t making a penny, I felt completely lost, but I would dabble, and I constantly tried new things.

I learned internet marketing, affiliate marketing, viral marketing. I asked for help. Everyone should always be asking for help. How do you do this? How did you get to where you are? I want to get there. One out of ten people would be too busy to help, nine out of ten would give you too much information that will really be helpful. I just felt like, and it’s not really ideal to be driven by fear, you’d much rather be driven by your bliss or joy, but I didn’t know what my joy was.

I did know this, my whole life, I’ve been fascinated, curious, and excited about understanding reality. In the beginning, in junior high, I was checking out books in the library on hypnosis, and hypnotizing my friends and little brothers. I was reading books about Creative Visualization. I was reading the Silva Mind Control when I was 18, my freshman year of college or sophomore year. I was like “Oh my gosh, I knew it, I knew it.” Whether it’s correspondence, or ESP, or all these things that we’ve all heard about, we know there’s something there but what? It all started to click. That’s the one thing that has been a common denominator in my whole life.

Look, I’m a CPA, a certified public accountant. Then, I sold T-Shirts for ten years. There was nothing in my cart that’s indicating that I might be a teacher one day, a speaker author one day. Oh my God, how absolutely preposterous, but because I was desperate, I started going down these paths. Admittedly, they piqued my interest but it was like Mount Everest when I committed to Infinite Possibilities, the audio program, and I never thought anything I was writing and recording was very good, but I had already presold it, which I was advised to do, with a money back guarantee if anybody was unhappy. I’d already presold it. People are waiting every month for the promised installment for 12 months.

If it wasn’t for that, I would have quit it because I didn’t think it was that good, but each subscription, people would write me, saying, “That’s my favorite one. I’ve listened five times. Thank you for doing what you’re doing.” I said “Wow.”

Nicole: It seems to me, and this is connected to the community that we’re in now that maybe without even realizing it, you stepped into a form of service, into a form of offering a gift of what your truths are, and then just offering them, and it’s beautiful. I love hearing that you kind sent out this free email, and you just offered it. Something came. You really distinctly point out is you got what you are visualizing, and which is this grandiose life of traveling, and lack of financial success, but at the core of it is this service. It seems to me, just from the sheer amount of people that I know that follow you, that other success, that financial success allows you to really be in service to that much more people.

Mike: It does.

Nicole: I would love to know your thoughts on that and the cost of this service to you. Where does that fit into?

Mike: I never set out to be “Service of service,” in the way that most spiritually aware people to find it because being brought up in Catholicism, to me service meant selflessness. I think that’s akin to suicide. You did not come here to disappear and only serve the needs of other people. You came here to be your own unique fresh God particle, to be and go where God has never gone before, but I did think of service strictly in a business sense. Every business has to be of service. They need to build a better mouse trap. The world would be the path to your door.

I think you don’t have to be of a selfless spiritual nature to hit a homerun and be a fabulous service. I was motivated entirely by getting my life back together again because it felt like a total disaster. In hindsight, I’ve got to say, I can’t find the train wreck because I was writing about life dreams and happiness for t-shirts, and wishing I could reach a much wider audience. The train of my life stopped. It changed tracks so that they could fly farther faster than I even imagined. Now, I still write about life dreams and happiness but I reached the whole world.

That’s why I said much earlier, don’t try to explain how you got where you are. It’s not necessary. You don’t have too fear that where you’ve been is an indicator of where you’re headed. Where anybody is today is not who they are. They’re infinitely more. Just set a new course with new end results, and get busy, visualize, take action, baby steps, but the service angle, peculiarly, interestingly, and thrillingly has been more and more evident in all that I do. Now at 15 years, 12 of which I’ve been on this upward spiral.

I visualized less and less tangible things and more and more joy, happiness, friends, high fives, happy tears. I see that amongst the people, strangers who give me hugs, who write me emails, who send me letters explaining how their life has changed since they first heard me, or since they first read me, or whatever, whatever.

I realized and given that I have a little more leverage of free time, if you will, latitude or discretionary time, and have for the last 10 years, I have been speaking in a local jail. I did speak in a local jail every week for two years. It’s all about the power of our thoughts or divine inherent nature, and I created a program that was replicable. I now have 1000 certified trainers who actually go out there. There’s 1000 certified, about a third of them are actually actively out there either in prisons, or in the shelters, or adding it to their coaching business, or speaking for big fat fees in the corporate world. I think everything is of service.

When we follow our bliss and shine our light, you cannot be of service. While now today, I’m a little more mindful of those in need, those that are suffering, those that didn’t have an awesome mom like I had, those who didn’t have an awesome degree like I had, those who are born in poor parts of the world. It was like, “Oh man. What would be cooler, what would be better, more thrilling for me selfishly than to know that I was able to plant a seed of hope, inspiration, clarity, confidence in their hearts, minds, and souls by sharing what I’ve come to know, by sharing what I’ve come to live.”

I have come full circle, and I’m now more than ever mindfully aware of the service that I perform. We constantly give tuitions, or freebies to people who asked for our many events. I don’t have any argument or any qualms about financial abundance. I don’t have any qualms about giving stuff away. It’s like find your own balance, but if you’re following your bliss if you’re being your own authentic self, you would be freed from that which you don’t like, not tomorrow, it might be three years from now, but you do it, you do it to the best of your ability, and you’re going to be in a place where you just suddenly realized that your life is helping many, many others. That is more gratifying than anything that I ever set out to do and achieve.

Nicole: Wow. I think that’s marvelous. I want to thank you for sharing that. I think I would love to bring Kozo back in and bring our audience back in. I have this sense that we’re going to have a lot of questions around a lot of what you’ve shared today, but really, what you just said just really sat with me. Just when we follow our bliss, you cannot be of service. I think that’s a magical place and a great place to jump off. Kozo come back in.

Kozo: I wanted to ask you about, and maybe I’m not particularly framing you correctly, but I’m looking at the whole, the Secret, positive, powerful thinking, the power of thought movement, you call it or trend, I don’t know what to call it. There’s this piece where you can call it fear’s grace, and there’s a piece where if we manifest all the things that we desire, and a lot of times those things end up being material things. I’m just thinking about in the Secret one, they talked about like visualize sitting in your Ferrari or something like that, your hand on the steering wheel, and you put on the gas, and that will come into your life, and then it will come into your life. If we are able to manifest, if we are able to harness that power of thinking, and manifest these riches or abundance into our lives, there’s a piece where it seems like we won’t be able to experience that fear’s grace. We’ll lose out spiritually because we’ll be detracted materially. I’m wondering what your views are on that. In my own personal experience, some of the things that I would have never dreamed into my life, I would have never wished upon myself have been some of my most powerful features, and I’m grateful for them now, and I’m like, “Thank goodness, I was diagnosed with this disease. Thank goodness I lost my job.” I’m wondering what your views on how that balance is? How do find that balance?

Mike: Kozo, thank you. Number one, I like that expression, fear’s grace. You’re absolutely right, anybody who thinks that life or the law of attraction is all about bringing in Ferraris, and having ten homes, and money, money, money is going to fall hard. Probably, number one, they’re not going to get most of what they’re looking for because they’re so short sided, they’re not tuned in to the other vitally exciting, energetic, wonderful areas of life besides just what goes bling.

Number one, it may not work for them. Number two, if they haven’t addressed creativity, joy, fulfillment, friends, love, laughter, cooperation, even if they do succeed, it will be a very hollow existence. I think, fairly, no one could or should have ever seen the secret and walked away thinking it was about Ferraris. Factually, it was broken into quadrants with relationships, money, self-esteem, health, healing, and I think one or two others, and equal time was given to all of these other quadrants as was given to imagine your dream of car and it wasn’t a Ferrari. It was like, people need cars, people need food, and people need a roof over their head. What’s wrong with using this principle in part to bring it about? It was never implied that everybody should be in a Corvette or the like.

Secondly, whenever the unexpected lands on our path, getting fired, or coming down with a disease, or an ailment, or other such turbulence, please take this with a grain of sand, and I don’t know your situation, I don’t know anybody’s situation except mine own, but whenever we have a wonky manifestation, as I said earlier, it would always be a stepping stone on a path to another place that we had been thinking off. The best way to get there was through this wonky manifestation, whether it was disease or anything that would otherwise be thought of as not desirable.

For example, I’ve met number of people who had cancer that recovered from it, and that considered it the greatest gift of their entire life, cancer. They’re not talking about the disease that was insidiously destroying their selves. They’re talking about the experience, before, during, and most importantly after. Maybe they didn’t feel a zester life, maybe they felt life sucks, people are idiots, what was God thinking about, I want out of here. You tell the person like that, they’ve got six months to live, all of a sudden they’re going to see life through a whole new perspective. They’re going to savor a cup of coffee because they’ve only got maybe 100 more cups and that’s it. They’re going to see a sunrise like they never seen a sunrise.

If they yearn and want for these things, they will, they have the ability, and I don’t know all the other stuff going in everyone’s mind, the ability to heal from it. Then, not only will they be rid of the disease but they will have a whole new appreciation for life that only battling the disease gave them. What a gift that disease would be in this hypothetical scenario, or sometimes cancer will bring together a reconciliation of irreconcilable relationships. The cancer is gone, the relationship is maintained, renewed, strengthened, what a gift.

We can’t always see the gift, but we can otherwise deduce that we are spiritual divine beings, that there’s order and love beneath everything, and that one day, all things will become known. For right now, whatever anybody is going through, they just need to deal with it, and yes, accept the fact that in one way or another, they created it. Maybe it was knowingly, masterfully designing a disease that would help them appreciate life if they stepped to the plate and started seeing the good in all, or sometimes we haphazardly create things by thinking and believing that life is difficult, that money is hard to come by, that people can’t be trusted. You can imagine what some of the manifestation of a person would be who held those beliefs.

They might not think of somebody robbing their house, but they think that people are jerks and they’re untrustworthy, and they maybe were afraid of being taken advantage of, and those kind of thoughts my bring a burglar to their house when they least expect it. They could very fairly say, “I never thought I’d be burglared,” but that wouldn’t mean they didn’t entirely create the situation.

For anybody listening, I know that this can be difficult, troubling, even insulting to hear, and that is not my intention to offend anybody. The great news is you don’t have to explain whatever you’ve been through nor where you are. You do have to say, “Somehow I had a role in this. I don’t know what it was. It will become clear one day. I don’t know how I got here, but I know where I want to go. I want to be healed. I want to have creative full filling work. I want to be surrounded by friends and laughter. I want to travel internationally. I want a red Volkswagen. I want whatever.” Now you know what you want, you defined the end result.

Then, as I’ve reiterated many times in this call, you must physically move in the direction of the red Volkswagen. You must physically do something about having more friends. You must physically strive to be happier if you want more happiness. You must physically, daily, all the time make inroads, and it’s not a burden when you realize that there’s magic and that your end results, those things that you declared that you wanted, they’re being pressed to you by divine intelligence, and it’s just a matter of us showing up on these dusty, confused paths with meager baby steps that will eventually make us lightning rods for serendipity, so-called coincidences, and happy accidents transforming our life, and bringing to us the physical replication of what we were originally simply thinking of.

Kozo: Beautiful.

Mike: Ta-da.

Kozo: Yeah, I love that. Like I said that the things that I’ve experienced, I look back on them and they’re gifts. I can see, I think of them as, like you said, not a train wreck but definitely going off the tracks but leading to a new track that it’s a dream.

Mike: In the moment, it just seems all bad. What possible good could come from a tidal wave, an earthquake, a landslide, a divorce, a separation, being terminated? It’s a process. The pendulum is swinging. For whatever reason, this was deemed necessary in the most expedient route for you to get to this other more bountiful, beautiful place that we all do dream of. If somebody is not dreaming of that, it’s a wake-up call to start realizing that life is sheer beauty. Absolute love, goodwill surrounds us all, and we are pushing in to greatness every day. It’s time to wake up to that.

I tell people wanting transformation that in addition to having end results, visualizing, taking action, steep yourself in good books, programs, websites, easing. I know that you guys have a bunch of sister companies with a bunch of great mailings. This is powerful. This is rocket fuel because the whole world is telling us, they were dumb idiots falling apart, not to be trusted, we’ve been declining since the year we were born, and that’s putting it mildly compared to some schools that thought that think we’re all bad sinners and that we need eternal redemption, and we’re still going to sin no matter how hard we try not to sin.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to flush that crap from the toilet, and say, “Let’s take stock of your own life, your own success.” The fact that you smile more than frown, laugh more than cry, have clarity than more confused, help when you’re sick, even money more than people are broke. The evidence everywhere of our inclination to succeed stares us in the face; yet, people are like, “No. Life is hard. It’s a test. Only greedy people get ahead. Cars are important.” They are whatever we say they are. Everything is only what we say it is.

Kozo: We've got a question online that I think you’ve already answered a lot of it, but maybe you can get into specifics here. What about family and negative thoughts?

Mike: That’s a great question.

Kozo: I know you talked about that but maybe can you specifically focus on that particular aspect of it?

Mike: The number one thing I tell anybody asking such a question and it is probably my number one question really.

Kozo: Really?

Mike: People are either worried about their own negativity or just as often they’re worried about the negativity of their partner, their spouse, their parents, their kids. We are not vulnerable to other people, and we even think, “I’m trying to soar with the eagles, and I’m flying with turkeys, and they’re also negative, I’ll never be able to break ahead because they start me on my own chains of worrisome fear, and they’re just bringing me down.”

No one is bringing anybody down. We have the ability to choose our thoughts, when we get rooted in the truth and we understand that there’s no other explanation for reality that makes sense other than we being the eyes and the ears of the divine, little God sparkle, then we start to see how inevitable our success will be. Then, when we dream and show up, show up, show up, prepare to be astounded.

Now, of course, Catherine is probably aware and right. The best of anyone’s ability, we need to tone down our own inner dialogue that is scaring us and we need to try to mitigate or void to the degree possible, and it’s not always possible, the negative naysayers in our work circles or in our family, but again as long as you’re doing what you know to do and you’re rooted in truth, you will blast off. I hate to say it, but those who are still not ready to embrace the truth are going to be really troublesome and quarrelsome. They’re probably going to be the happiest if they’re not reminded of your success every day and it’s going to be mutually desired and resolved that you created a little more space.

Now, if it’s somebody you’re married to, I got to believe that there’s enough phenomenally cool traits about this person for you to have married them in the beginning, and I know many marriages, great marriages where someone is all into the stuff I talked about and the other person is like, “I’m withholding judgment. That’s a little bit to woo woo for me. I believe in hard work and blah, blah, blah,” that’s fine. Let them have that. When they see your success, they’re going to wonder what you’ve been up to, but they’re going to know, and they will question their own premise for life.

Whether they change or not, it is not important. Enjoy people for all of their other awesome traits. You don’t have to run away from them, you don’t have to flee them, you don’t have to separate from them, unless there’s just no happiness there which is a different subject. Don’t feel like you’re vulnerable. Press on. Create your own little rituals, create a visualization, maybe meditation, long walks with Nicole or whoever, and you will not be held back, no problem.

Nicole: Can I just jump in really quick?

Mike: Sure.

Nicole: One thing that I’ve noticed on my walks is sometimes I’ve actually been asked to take a family out to share a dream, and there’s a lot of trepidation and my oh my goodness; and yet, when they’re strangers, most of my walks are with strangers, and I think that’s a powerful place to start, is just share with strangers. I had one woman who said, “Gosh, I have this dream my entire life, 60 years, to just spend six months in Italy.” Somebody said to her, “Why don’t you tell your husband that, and see if he’ll come along?” She instantly said, “No, I could never do that.” We’re like, “Okay. Why?” She said, “Then, he would do it for me, and we would be there tomorrow.” She was held back by that. In the power of sharing with strangers, she got to realized what it is she wanted to feel. She actually just wanted to experience creating the trip for herself, and that independence. I think, for me, that would be just a negative advice. Just start by telling a stranger. Then, that might be a step.

Mike: That’s clever. Clever, very clever.

Nicole: Then, try something too with the people around you that are really close.

Mike: Yeah, I love that. As people continue to resonate with truth, and they walk the talk, they will become big time magnets to like-minded people as many of your listeners are probably finding connections through your forums, and maybe if you have physical meetings in the world, or meet ups, or whatever. The people who just can’t handle your optimism will just generally, and you can let this happen lovingly, drift a little further from you, and more people will be attracted. I’ve been on to the truth, as I’ve phrased it, framed it, for 40 or 35 years, and there’s no one in my life nor has there been for decades who doesn’t get this.

Now, that doesn’t mean everybody we sit around talking about it all the time, we never do. A lot of people get this stuff, and they never put words to it because it’s the truth. People automatically are like, “Yeah, I’ve always had dreams. I always move with them. I always do what I can with what I’ve got, and make the best of situations.” They’re already living these truths. The good news for people who are surrounded by turkeys right now, your friend collection is about to change is if you stay on the path in wonderful ways, harmonious ways.

Kozo: We have another question from the email. The question, another question that’s coming in through email is from Allison, and she says, “How to distinguish between being open to offers from the universe, as opposed to following anything because I’m trying to manage the details.” What I’m hearing in there, Mike, is this differentiation between divine will and personal will, and how do you distinguish between those two.

Mike: That’s a good question. It falls into the category of the art of life, and that’s a balance that everyone needs to strike. I don’t want to muddy things up but I generally advocate not being a micromanager, that our end results ought to be big picture, like abundance, rocking health, slim physique, things like that.

Then, you’re going to knock on a lot of doors, visualize a lot of details, but you’re not going to insist on any one door being your salvation. I wrote this book, Oprah will love it, it will be a bestseller, I’ll live happily ever after, that’s a cursed how. If you want to be a writer, dream of being a successful writer and specifically, write that book, and then write the next one, and then write a blog, an email, and easing, but don’t say we already know that everything you’re writing is father for the universe to hit a homerun with, but it is the universe that hits homeruns, not ourselves. We show up with pitches, but pitches are our baby steps.

Write the book. It might hit a homerun. It might say, “You know what? We’re going to pass on that one.” You got another one and it’s even better, or you really need to be networking with people because you’re such a people person. We need you out there. You should be an event planner or you should be helping whatever, whatever.

It’s a fine line and it can tend to create raised questions and results ought to be big picture, really exciting, but they’re usually vague like abundance. Visualize the details, and show up with what you might be referring to as micromanagement, you’re going here, you’re going there, you try this, you try that, you ask for help. That’s okay as long as you’re not insisting on those paths or details, and you’re leaving room for even better. You’ll develop this art of knowing.

It’s just like this opportunity to move to Arizona, is this what the universe is giving me because of my dreams or should I stay here and see if something better comes along? You get to decide. How does it feel to move to Arizona? How does it feel, the thought of it, if you stay where you’re at? There is always more than one right answer, and one right path, one right possibility, more than one right partner. As soon as we attach or insist upon the house, the paths, the details, the partners, we limit divine intelligence and its ability to reach us with even better details than we were able to imagine.

Makala: Beautiful.

Nicole: Amazing.

Makala: We got a great comment from Sam, from Hammond, Indiana. He says, “This might be why people are [challenged]. It is great stuff, Mike. Crazy how most of my questions were answered by the time I completed them. Too cool.”

Mike: Those happen a lot. Very cool, very cool. Thank you, Sam.

Kozo: "Thank you, Mike/universe, and fellow adventurers for a profound and awesome service to humanity you all provide. Peace, love, and chi be with you all.

Mike: Thank you, thank you.

Kozo: It’s beautiful how these questions are asked even before you completed them. Just that I love how he put in there, “Thank you Mike/universe.” I actually wanted to ask you that, Mike, when you were talking about that, when you went from your emails from Mike to universe, and I am wondering, was that not just a shift of nomenclature for you but did that feel like transformational shift in the sense that you are actually stepping into a universal voice, stepping into the fact that you are God, you are the universe, you are that bigger part of life?

Mike: I think so, because very much so, I didn’t realize it at the time, but what I did feel energetically, very powerfully was time and again as I was writing little inspiration, a paragraph or a few lines every day as Mike, who is Mike? It’s just come across as just wishful thinking; whereas if the universe is talking to you from on high and says, “You rock. Your positive thoughts are more powerful than your negative thoughts. You’re being pushed on to greatness. Prepare thy way for your inevitable success.”

If I sign that as Mike, it’s like, “What? Who is that weirdo?” but if I sign that as the universe, it immediately would be like, “Yeah, man. That’s the kind of divine intelligence I am talking about. Playful, encouraging, approving divine intelligence. Immediately, it changed everything from tone, to message, and I felt like I was led to do that, led by my own instincts to do that.

Mindy: This is Mindy, and I don’t want to keep anybody too long here, but I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the guest, and all of his wonderful replies, and I have to agree with everything he said. I’ve been living this for the last couple of years, mainly through our Kind Spring. I found a like-minded community with the daily affirmation, and we support each other, and it’s wonderful to see the transformation taking place, and we are all divine intergalactic, joyful.

Mike: Thank you Mindy, that’s so sweet to hear. Do you have a question?

Mindy: Question is, how can I help and encourage people to see the truth of what you’re saying?

Mike: Probably by example, and being just as energetic and excited as you now are, which is probably your norm. Just continue. Also don’t be led by a premise, not that you are, that the world has to change, and people must wake up, it’s all dreams, it’s all good, people are waking up, let it be fun, and follow your heart as you’ve been doing, and no doubt you’re already touching people in wonderful ways. If you want to be a teacher or a speaker, we have a trainers program at We’d love to have you in our ranks, train the trainer, but there’s millions such programs and lots of good stuff out there. Whatever speaks to you, continue on your path. It sounds exciting.

Mindy: Thank you very much, I appreciate your answer.

Mike: Thanks Mindy. Thanks for calling and the confirmation.

Nicole: I do love that, let it be fun. I think that’s a huge, huge reminder. I think what you eluded to is that either or thinking, either you’re awake or you’re not, and that can be a slippery slope, but those thoughts could take you somewhere too.

Kozo: We just got another question. Bradley in California says “Hi, Mike. Thank you for the giving me the gift of your voice, your wisdom. Supposes one is looking to make a drastic change but is struggling as they realize the impact possibly in a negative manner this would have upon those who depend on him or her, how does one reconcile this?” May you be happy. May you find joy. Maybe you be free of suffering.

Mike: Thank you Bradley, great and loving question. Everyone is most responsible to themselves, and that’s what is number one. Now, if you have children, it’s a bit of a different equation, but apart from that, your happiness is the only happiness that you have control over. If you’re not happy, it’s not going to be a boom of any sort or a blessing of any sort to have your presence, even if you’re faking it, if you’re moping around, you’re not following your heart for a number of reasons; whereas, happiness, everything changes as we’ve been talking about this the last 90 minutes.

I would suggest, given the love that motivated that question that you continue toying with it, playing with it, considering it. There’s that awful old adage that opportunity only knocks once. It is a total lie. Opportunity never stops knocking. I wouldn’t put yourself in this situation where you feel like it’s sink or swim, and the train is leaving the station, and you think it’s alright, but you sense of the damage.

Wait until you know that you are doing the best you can with what you’ve got, and that you’ve taken loved ones into account because I’m sure that there’s a way, and it might take a little time to reveal it, to be able to achieve both objectives, to be a loving role model, a friend, a family member, at the same time as honoring that inner voice that knows that you could be perhaps more fulfilled in another way.

I think it exists. Until you have that internal, “This is going to be a doozy but I know it’s for the best of all involved that I’ll be there for them in a bigger better way if I follow my heart than if I don’t follow my heart.” Financially responsible, you’re not going to leave anybody in the lurch that you made obligations to, you’re going to honor all of that. While they may seem like big burdens or anchors on your dreams, it’s part of the equation, it’s part of where your life and your choices have led you to this day, and it will be a part of honoring that in ways that works for you and them.

Not that everyone is going to say, “Yeah, go ahead. This is what we most want for you.” Some may never say that, and you have to move without their approval, but doing the best you can will make this whole equation, and this huge and exciting transition in your life a hundred thousand times more memorable, more wonderful, more everything you want it to be because you did keep loving your heart and you did consider others.

Not that you should live your life on the terms of somebody else. There’s a balance there. I’d wait for a little bit more certainty and confidence, consider every ramification, and how you can cover every base which is definitely going to be a challenge, but it’s not one that’s too big for you. Thank you, Bradley.

Nicole: Agreed. We’re a little past time. I just want to really quickly ask, what can the Service Space family do for you, Mike?

Mike: Just keep shinning your lights. You’re doing such great things already. I appreciate this opportunity to talk about what I love talking about, and to feel the energy that’s out there. Anybody interested, let’s tell them my website, or you can get the free Notes in the Universe. If anything else speaks to you, check it out. Otherwise, happy everything.

Nicole: Happy Everything. I love that.

Kozo: Beautiful. Thank you. Mike, just thanks. Thanks for reminding us that we are the divine, we are the universe, we are infinite possibility, and that infinite possibility is full of joy, and fun, and positivity. I just had so many reminders of that. If anything people needed to be reminded of, that’s it. Thank you so much.

Mike: It’s my great honor and pleasure. Thank you everybody.

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