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Dawn Agnos: Surviving Life, Surviving Death, and Transforming Through Acceptance of What You Are

Dying Into Eternal Life

Dawn Agnos has died many times. But she keeps coming back. Like a mythic hero, every time she returns she brings gifts for the rest of humanity.

Dawn’s journey started early in life. “I came into this world with a knowing. I already knew as a child why I was here.” At the age of three, she intuitively sensed into her mother’s suffering and prevented her from committing suicide. When her mother handed her a stack of money and told her to keep it for what she and her sister might need, Dawn’s instincts told her that whatever her mother had done to get the money was what was hurting her. So she walked down the hall and flushed cash down the toilet.

Letting go of everything to be in alignment with a higher power is a common occurrence in Dawn’s life. In her mid-thirties she had to let go of her body. She developed a potentially terminal case of an illness called Grave’s Disease that doctors were afraid to treat.

Within two weeks, she was hospitalized and bedridden. She had lost all her hair, was 80 pounds, and couldn’t walk. On the brink of death, Dawn was saved by divine intervention: “An angel came along and rescued me.” A good friend’s mother found Dawn and cared for her unconditionally until she was well. Dawn reflects, “It was the most beautiful thing. It rescued me. It’s the reason I’m alive today.”

In 2008, Dawn had to let go of her soulmate when her fiancé died next to her in bed. The overwhelming grief of this loss pushed Dawn towards suicide. Again, divine intervention kept her alive: “My soulmate from the other side was literally keeping me from driving off the freeway when I would try to kill myself.”

This intimate relationship with death honed Dawn to become the healer and intuitive she is today. “When you go through facing death, when you have tried to kill yourself, tried to end it all, and had these decisions at some level about whether you wanted to come back, when you do come back you have so much more to give others about what the whole thing is about.”

Dawn Agnos brings a larger perspective of “what the whole thing is about.” She offers gifts from her personal journey through the darkest parts of the human forest. Below are some of the gifts that Dawn shared with us on a recent Awakin Call.

Explore Other Ways of Knowing

As an intuitive, Dawn doesn’t rely on thinking to heal herself and others. All of her wisdom is based on experience. “We learn by experience, not intellectually.” Dawn helps others integrate these other ways of knowing which help them get in touch with their authentic selves. "You don't need to know lots of things. You just need to trust and move into where you are trying to go."

Trusting in these other ways of knowing leads us to an integration of the human and the soul. "If you experience your life singularly from a human-dimensional understanding, then you're probably experiencing a lot more pain than is necessary. I believe in trying to integrate the person with their gifts and show them about having a life experience as a human being or having a spiritual experience walking as a human being, and when you learn to flip in and out of those two different perceptions within yourself, you can learn which feels better to you. And you can choose right action for yourself."

Dawn guides individuals towards this right action by "honing in on non-verbal communication that is happening in someone's life." This allows clients to sense into "what is really wanting to emerge within them from a soul aspect." Problems arise when socially conditioned ideas or "imprints" overpower our intuition. "Our culture conditions us not to trust our feelings and emotions...In fact the reason we incarnate on this earth is to feel and to sense. That's how we receive universal information." Dawn clears away both socially conditioned and karmic imprints from herself in order to connect deeply with her clients and help them reconnect with their intuition.

Self-Awareness and Self-Love

Dawn emphasizes that one of the key pathways to healing and awakening is self-awareness: "Self-awareness is a wormhole to your integrated self." Without this transparency, individuals can get trapped in shame, fear, or socially constructed versions of reality. "There are many people who don't want to know [the Truth] because their story is working for them." When we have the courage and support to see things as they truly are, the results can be miraculous.

Dawn described one young client who had been medicated from the age of five on high brain-chemistry drugs. When he first started working with Dawn, he couldn't look her in the eye because he was in such a state of anxiety and disempowerment. Dawn helped this boy "connect with the place within himself that was unconditionally accepting of himself and to know that the feelings and information coming towards him was valid." Working with Dawn, this patient was able to get off the drugs and trust in himself and his intuition.

For Dawn, self-awareness leads to self-acceptance and, eventually, self-love. Through self-awareness, we are able to "take personal responsibility for wound care." According to Dawn, "what happens to us is not as big a deal as what we allow to change us." This is powerful wisdom coming from someone whose biological mother threatened her life at the tender age of 8.

Dawn often takes clients back to very early parts of their life to find the gems hidden there. She encourages mature adults to nurture their inner child and say, "You know, people have hurt you, but I'm here for you, and I'm going to take responsibility to make sure that never happens to you again." When we are able to "integrate the playful child back from a wounded place, we mature internally and spiritually." Nurturing the wounded inner child is a deep form of self-love that opens doors to not only personal and spiritual growth, but also physical well-being. “The way you treat yourself emotionally is absolutely the root of your health.”

With self-awareness and self-love comes a courageousness that allows us to embrace all of reality. “There is no need for protection. The need is to be integrated fully with your actual self.” When we realize our integrated self, we have nothing to fear. “All you need for protection is to walk in your love and your truth.”

Seeing the Silver Lining

Having experienced emotional abuse, poverty, terminal illness, death of a soulmate, and suicidal tendencies, Dawn still seeks out the positive in any life circumstance. “It’s about accepting and finding gratitude in whatever has come our way to know where our strengths now come from.” Her life is a testament to the growth, love, joy, and peace that is available to us if we embrace what is.

For example, even though Dawn had to move into a foster home away from her homicidal and self-destructive mother, she still sees her relationship with her mother as a gift. “My mother allowed me to develop my awareness of the world and my empathy.” The darkness in Dawn’s childhood does not prevent her from remembering the light: “We would go chasing rainbows, looking for the pot of gold.”

Similarly, Dawn sees the death of her soulmate in 2008 as one of the most difficult, yet beautiful things that has happened in her life. She took the burning love in her heart that had no outlet and turned it towards helping others including the homeless and the dying. “I turned my focus and gaze towards using that potency of love in whatever format I could to bless everyone around me.” So when Dawn asks her clients to “play with your life and learn from your experiences about your empowerment,” she is speaking from personal experience and an inner knowing.

Listening to Dawn speak about life, purpose, adversity, and healing is like watching a ventriloquist. The anthropomorphic form is moving its mouth, but one gets the sense that something larger, wiser, and all powerful is speaking through her. “My work is not so much about just our human experience. It’s about integrating what we’ve been through with our higher selves in the larger projection of where we’re going.”


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