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Jan 31, 2015: An Ethic of Care

Read: Call Transcript (Also: Everyday Acts Of Heroism)

In any given encounter with Anne-Marie Bauer, one is inevitably left with a warmth of heart. A nurse by profession, nurturer by nature, and generous giver of small acts with great love, any environment that bears witness to her presence sooner or later beams a-glow with her motherly care, sisterly counsel, down-to-earth grace and shining sincerity.

Growing up in the US and Finland as one of six children, and big sister to three younger brothers, Anne-Marie donned a care-taking cap and cross-cultural competency from an early age. In her late-teens, she landed in New York City. Migrating between the Big Apple, PA, and NJ, she quickly grew a sense of independence and studied to become a pediatric nurse. Today, she's based in California and spends her time making art out of life amid 13-hour children's hospital shifts, mentoring summer interns, and scribing up stunning journeys of everyday heroes.

Anne-Marie's deep sense of respect for all forms of people and life propels an instinctual sense of care-giving in every situation she finds herself. She's spontaneously gifted two bags of groceries to an unsuspecting homeless individual, offered homemade cookies to strangers in NYC's Central Park, and meditates with intensive care unit children, offering it as a tool to help transform their relationship to pain. Her genuine spirit quietly transforms hospital wards-- inspiring Attitude of Gratitude walls that boost nurse morale as a platform for regeneration through compassion. While volunteering in India, her conviction in kindness transcends language barriers. In Japan, she bows in deep reverence at the foot of Mt. Fuji. And in her own home, she taps into lessons on the spirit of service from her beloved cat, Ali.

Join us on January 31 for stories on cultivating an ethic of care, across hospital halls, New York City streets, and beyond.

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