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Jan 3, 2015: When Animals Are Our Teachers

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Steven Karlin has spent the last 40 years exploring the amazing and mysterious relationships between humans, nature and animals. As the founder of Wildlife Associates and the Wild Teachers Wildlife Sanctuary, Steve has been living with wild animals for more than thirty four years and has developed lifelong relationships with lions, wolves, eagles, bears, alligators, foxes, among many others. Steve's unique experiences and insights into the animal realm have led him to appear on Larry King Live, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic Explorer, PBS, and his own syndicated and Telly Award winning TV segment, Earth Journal.

Wildlife Associates, a sanctuary for animals and humans, is located on 120 rolling acres on the coast of Northern California. Here, the animals are the teachers. Providing a safe home for more than 50 wild animals who are no longer equipped to survive in the wild, Wildlife Associates brings its amazing programs to about 100,000 students throughout the San Francisco Bay Area each year. Steve also works with at-risk youth at the sanctuary where the animals begin to open up and heal these emerging teens.

Drawing on his own deep experiences, and using children’s natural connection with animals, he pioneered a methodology in which the animals themselves are the teachers. As he expresses it, these educational experiences need to be transformative in a way that it bridges the chasm between the human realm and the wild world of nature. In every program, the animals and their stories are used to teach children and adults not just about the biology of life but also about empathy, caring and the profound interconnections that link all of us together.

Join us for a call full of amazing stories that will move, inspire and encourage you to connect more deeply with nature.

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