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Dec 6, 2014: Radical Gratitude, For the Good and the Bad

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Will Pye is a spiritual entertainer, writer and mentor. Following many years of increasingly tiring practicing of self-loathing, hopeless despair and nihilistic hedonism, Will gave himself wholeheartedly to a quest to realize the nature of reality only to discover the quest had already begun. Will loves collecting perspectives and is a student of A Course in Miracles, enthusiastic interpreter of scientific research, entheogenic explorer, Zen practitioner, mystic and is delighted to have recently been unwittingly initiated as a Sufi.

Will's most powerful teacher was a brain tumor diagnosis in 2011; in embracing the death of all he thought he was what he truly is became obvious. Now, his greatest joy is found in facilitating the dissolution of perceived problems and the discovery of inner peace. He currently offers gatherings around the world joyfully pointing to the Truth of what we are, sharing unconditional love and exploring the transformative power of Radical Gratitude to discover it’s all gift, cease suffering and realize Unity.

Join us for a fun conversation with a provocateur who takes life lightly, is profoundly articulate, and loves every ounce of life.

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