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Dec 13, 2014: Tools for Transformation

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Sparked by her own near death experience as a teenager, Marilyn Schlitz has been delving into the nature of consciousness and death for the past three decades. As an author and past president of Institute of Noetic Sciences, she has published hundreds of articles on consciousness studies both in scholarly and popular journals, lectured widely at venues like the United Nations, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Explorers Club, and has taught at Trinity University, Stanford University, and Harvard Medical Center. With her rare ability to translate complex ideas into a common sense language, she's able to excite the imaginations of her audiences worldwide and trigger a collective conversation on human transformation and healing.

"In the late 70s, I came upon a book by Edgar Mitchell, the Apollo 14 astronaut -- Psychic Exploration. Here was a book in which a multidisciplinary scientists, philosophers, and historians made compelling arguments that consciousness may be the next paradigm shift. While our dominant worldview and model of science have focused on the objective world out there, the major source of our social and environmental problems are within us, within our individual and shared consciousness. In this paradigm, we are not simply victims of a world in which we are spectators, but active agents in the evolutionary process. Big ideas. I joined with these scientists to bring a scientific perspective to claims of the paranormal," she explains.

Most recently, she just made her first film with Deepak Chopra -- Death Makes Life Possible. She continues qualitative and quantitative research of transformative practices. And with a multi-disciplinary team, she is working on a developing a "worldview literacy" program for schools worldwide.

Join us for a call where we'll explore Marilyn's personal journey in light of science, transformation and culture.

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