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Jul 26, 2014: Constant Kindness

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Amit Dungarani is many things to many people.  To a valedictorian friend who grew up in his Arizona neighborhood, Amit is "one of the smartest guys I know."  To a six-year-old friend, he is the one who drives 4 hours to make the birthday cake celebration.  To his colleagues on Wall Street, he is the one who is always there for someone in need.  To his close friends, he is always the one to dash to the cash register to pay for the meal.  And to most everyone that knows him, Amit is one of the most loving people they've met -- with a trademark "Dunga" bear hug.

As a co-founder of our Awakin Calls, and a hidden force behind many service projects, we are delighted to have finally coerced Amit into joining the call!  He has an incredible life story, from dealing with challenges like both his parents passing away in a span of a couple of months, to encouraging many interns in the direction of service, to doing some absolutely outrageous acts of kindness that have to be heard to be believed.

We hope you can join the call and feel the inevitable uplift of virtual "Dunga hug". :)

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