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May 10, 2014: New Constructs of the Connected Age


Sudhakar Ram is chairman and managing director of Mastek, a publicly traded IT company.  In 2007, he received CNBC Asia's India Business Leader Award in 2007 for excellence in leadership.  Many NGOs around the world are grateful for his silent philanthropy.  Despite his success in the traditional world, as a veteran of the IT industry and a keen observer of business trends, Sudhakar is now pointing at how radically the world needs to reinvent itself to meet the challenges of the Connected Age – this 21st century.

In his own words: "Since the late 17th century, the Industrial Age has showered immense wealth and prosperity on a billion people. For the rest of the six billion people on earth, however, the quality of life is no better – and perhaps worse – than it was for the typical peasant farmer or hunter-gatherer of the Middle Ages. Moreover, industrialization has left the world a poorer place in terms of natural resources, fresh air, and potable water.  As the Industrial Age gives way to a new era – let’s call it the Connected Age – this pivotal moment in human history offers us the opportunity for a sustainable, inclusive future for the world and all its people. We cannot rely on vague hopes that our problems will be solved by governments or scientists or God. We all need to change our thinking.  Our lives are now ruled by a set of beliefs and assumptions -- I call them 'constructs' -- that drive our attitudes and actions. These seven constructs are success, learning, work, consumption, wellness, governance, and globalization. We have been acclimated to accept what the Industrial Age tells us is normal for each of those constructs. But these deeply rooted constructs have become constraints. We need new constructs to help us take the next leap forward in history."

Join us for an exciting call as we explore these radical-yet-humane "new constructs", with Sudhakar Ram, author of The Connected Age.

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