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Dec 14, 2013: Stories that Heal: Awakin Call with Nancy Mellon

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Nancy Mellon, MA, is an elder in the global storytelling renaissance. An author, psychotherapist and mentor, for thirty years, she has awakened the goodness, truth and beauty of the spoken and written word. Nancy works with adults of varied backgrounds who seek new perspectives and greater well-being in their personal, family and professional lives. Specializing in storytelling as a healing art, as a teacher and expressive therapist she also facilitates small and large creative projects in all the arts.            

In her own words, " I am a convener of listening circles, and a tender of plot lines. I help people to find their way through dark woods and  briar patches to new freedom and well-being"   

Nancy has specialized in healing through the arts for thirty years. Author of Storytelling with Children, and Storytelling and the Art of Imagination, her newest book, Body Eloquence, won the 2008 US Books Best Books Award in the field of Alternative Medicine. She continues exploring and teaching widely in the US and abroad, following the path of storytelling deep into the physiological processes of the human body, and  pioneering new awareness of the relationship between language, imagination and well-being.

Please join us on Saturday the 14th of December to hear Nancy's own story ....

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