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Feb 22, 2014: From Capital Markets to Compassion Capital

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​Siddharth Sthalekar was flying high with a business school degree, a job as an influential banker, and a recurring television spot that allowed him to move markets.  And yet something inside him stirred -- this is not why he was here.  3 years back, after moving on from his work, he came across his life's work: the path of service.  

In his words, "Since early 2011, my wife and I have been learning from small acts of compassion at the ecosystem in the Gandhi Ashram. I've begun to trust that serving with pure intentions holds the key to looking at the world with a deeper, and clearer perspective. Some of these learnings starkly contrasted my education at IIM-A and 5 years spent on the trading floor. That's because modern economic systems are based on the assumptions of scarcity, transaction and consumption.  But several moments over the last few years led us to ask the questions -- what if we designed for systems based on abundance, trust and contribution? What if they were built to foster generosity in the world around us?"

Join us on Saturday to listen to Siddharth's stories of generosity, his lessons from an ecosystem of love in India, and his reflections on shifting from capital markets to compassion capital.

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