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Nov 9, 2013: Service as a Vocation

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Matthew Kowalski is a recovery coach, certified addiction counselor and motivational speaker who has worked with recovering addicts in both clinical and 12-step settings since 1998. Raised in a chaotic environment of generational abuse, he ran away at age 15 and spent the next 27 years lost in coast-to-coast madness fueled by drugs, alcohol, sex and mental illness. How does a smart, charismatic kid go from Freshman Class President to starving, shivering runaway; from British boarding school to San Francisco squats; from musical prodigy to homeless junkie? Just when his odds of survival were at their lowest – long after some assumed he was already dead– Matt made the radical decision at age 42 to get clean and sober for the first time in his life.

In addition to coaching, Matt is an abstract artist who creates multi-media works in his own Radical Relief style. He just published his first book, “Riding Shotgun Through a Hurricane: A Memoir of Addiction and Radical Recovery,” in the hope that his story would help those who have given up on themselves, as well as anyone who wants to better understand the ravages of addiction.

Today, Matt’s professional life focuses on helping individuals and families learn survival strategies, make healthier choices and acquire coping skills to navigate the challenging terrain of family, work and life. He devotes his personal life to doing service for others. He starts most mornings walking the pit bull next door – a sweet animal who spends most of his life chained to his front porch. This small act of kindness has built a bond of friendship between man and dog, and the daily, joyful celebration of nature and freedom is a gift they give each other – the true nature of service.

Join us for a lively and inspiring call about living your life for the benefit of others. From walking a neglected dog to volunteering with a civic group – from building relationships with your neighbors to donating your skills as a carpenter, entertainer or healer, there are endless ways to do service as your life’s vocation...

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