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Bryant Austin: Whale Photographer

Oct 5, 2013: Art with Heart

Read: Summary By Bela Shah  

Bryant Austin is an experimental multi-media artist whose life-long passion has been exploring the depths of possibility in connecting with the greatest minds in the waters.

In 2004, he became eye-to-eye with a 45 ton female humpback whale. She had reached out with her two ton, 15 foot long pectoral fin to gently touch him, letting him know that she was behind him. Her eye was fully illuminated from the late afternoon sun scintillating over his shoulder. Looking into her eye, he saw for the first time the calm mindful expression of a whale peering into his own eyes.

The epiphany was powerful and clear, leading him to sell everything he owned, including his home, and leaving a job of eight years at a sea otter research facility. By 2009, Austin composed the largest and most detailed photographs of whales that have ever existed in the world. His work has been met with international acclaim, and has been received enthusiastically during exhibits worldwide, including shows in Norway and Japan – countries that continue to hunt whales. 

In Bryant's own words, " Even hours after my encounter, I am rendered speechless; my brain processing the moment trying to comprehend her evident consciousness, her gentle attentive nature that ensured she would not harm me. I have readily sacrificed all that I own, all that is secure, to be among these creatures, patiently awaiting a connection between species; patiently awaiting the ‘ambassador of whales’. My gift to her and her brethren is to take those moments and share them with my global tribe in unprecedented scale and fashion; to ultimately allow whales to inspire unexplored thought and emotions."

Come join us to see the heart behind Bryant's breathtaking Art on Saturday the 5th of October...

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