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We'll See

--by Bernie Siegel (Nov 29, 2005)

There is a man who has a farm, and his whole livelihood depends on his horse to plow the field. One day he is out plowing and suddenly the horse drops dead. The people of the town say "That's very unfortunate." And the man says, "We'll see."

A few days later somebody feels sorry for him and gives him a horse for a gift. The townspeople say, "You're a lucky man. And the man says, "We'll see."

A couple of days later the horse runs away and everybody says, "You poor guy." And the man says, "We'll see."

A few more days go by and the horse returns with a second horse and everybody says, "What a lucky guy." And the man says, "We'll see."

The man had never had two horses before, so he and his son decided to go riding, and the boy falls off one of the horses and breaks a leg. The townspeople say, "Poor kid." And the man says "We'll see."

The next day the militia comes into town grabbing young men for the army, but they leave the boy behind because he has a broken leg. Everybody says, "What a lucky kid." And the man says, "We'll see."

--Dr. Bernie Siegel

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On Jul 13, 2014 cmoll wrote:

Isnt this an old Taoist story? I've heard this story many times in my life, and I just read it in Bernie segels book, Peace love and healing phrased as though it was his friends experience...?