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Triformational Matrix

--by Yasuhiko Kimura (Jul 19, 2005)

I understand transformation by a model I call the Triformational Learning Matrix. Tri means, of course, three, and so the formational element comprises three formations: information, metaformation, and transformation.

Informational learning is what we normally go through in our educational system and in our own lives. We read books, we listen to people, and we gain knowledge and experience. We develop a more and more comprehensive body of knowledge based on some principle of organization. Metaformation is sometimes called inspiration or intuition; it is a higher form of knowledge that sort of knocks on your door and you become aware of something that is eternal. So when this higher intuition, or metaformation, gets integrated into your own informational learning, you then start to reconfigure the whole context within which you have held the body of knowledge that you already have. And at the same time, you are able to incorporate the higher metaformational knowledge into your own body of knowledge. In this dance between information and metaformation, a transformation takes place. Metaformation is returning to the source of your being, the ground of your being from which you intuit a new form of insight. Then, when that insight is successfully married with the body of knowledge that you already have, transformation takes place. That is my way of understanding transformation.

So on the one hand, there is a dynamic binary of being and becoming, and on the other hand, there is a trinity, with transformation emerging from the creative dance between metaformation and information. It's like alchemy. People used to try to transform lead into gold. And spiritually speaking, gold is the symbol of the transformed state and lead is the raw material. But what happens when this lead becomes gold is that somehow the lead dissolves itself into the noumenon, the cosmic wholeness, and then from there you create the new dimensionality of being, which we call gold. That is the process of transformation, where the ego structure dematerializes itself and then merges into the whole. From there you actually create a new you, so to speak, on the basis of the knowledge that you gain through your metaformation. So you become your own creation, based on the cosmic knowledge that you have received. And once this process takes place, it is an ongoing evolution. Enlightenment then becomes like a trigger, or the beginning of a continual transformational evolution. That is how I see transformation.

--Yasuhiko Kimura

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On Jul 13, 2008 tulip chowdhury wrote:
All these days it seems I was in confusion regading my intuition. But reading the mails on other people's intuition has given me firm belief in mine. Thankyou for showing the light.

On Jul 12, 2008 deepak sethi wrote:
I have read a book called " Trust your vibes" by Sonia Chorquette on intution
and it is amazing. Your vibes or sixth sense fore warns you what is about to take place in reality. The crux of the matter is to listen to your vibes.

On Jul 12, 2008 Pini Okowa wrote:
There is definitely an intuitive intelligence or spiritual intelligence that is not derived by natural logic but is not necessarily illogical. I believe it is from this intelligence that the idea of God can be fully revealed and held to be true......The same place from where we get the deja vu feeling and the source of "prophetic" dreams....etc,
I think that all men have it (this intelligence) to a similar degree, but consciousness of it is greatly varied.
Ultimately, the issue is few are actively conscious of such an intelligence though it is taken for granted.

On Jul 12, 2008 archish gupta wrote:
I too believe in my intutions and most of the time i find them right.I am very much satisfied with you that this perception comes from the experience which force your mind to think in that manner.Also there is some supernatural power within everyone but it comes only if u rely on them....

On Jul 12, 2008 Maureen Flanagan wrote:
In my last article I wrote plain instead of plane, I just did the article too quickly without seeing my errors. Sorry. Maureen.

On Jul 12, 2008 Maureen Flanagan wrote:
I believe that we do have an amazing intuition but many a time so many people select to ignore those feelings. I read in a book once where a man went to board a plain but a dreadful feeling of doom came over him and he selected not to catch that flight. The plain crashed.
How many of us have had dreams that have come true. How many time have you have about to pick up the phone and the phone rings and it is that very person whom you were about to ring. perhaps you hand't heard from them in ages. I believe it comes to you. I have had so many things happen like this. I wrote a book called Along the Way by Maureen Flanagan and there are many times when I have followed my intuition and I have written this in the book that wrote and published. I do act on my intuition because at times it is so strong and usually it is right that first decision I have made and not ignored. Sincerely, Maureen.