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Image of Myself

--by Sailor Bob (Apr 24, 2000)

If the river is flowing and I pull a bucket of water out, as soon as youíve got the bucket of water out of the river, that water is dead, its finished, and the river is left behind. Thatís what happens in life. Iíve got this image of myself based on the past events, experiences, and the conditioning thatís been my overall life. And I've added this image to that pure, first thought, "I AM". And so "I am this, Australian, male, and this happened to me and blah blah blah" and formed a mental concept of what I believe this person is. And thatís a dead ending. Life is constantly leaving that image behind. So, when I become something, I create another image in the future, "if I do such and such, then this will happen", well when that so called future comes, maybe this thing I have worked towards will be there, but will that be the finality? Will that be the happiness, the completeness? Of course not, because that also will be a dead end. - Sailor Bob,

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i'm really want to see myself