Waking up to Wisdom
In Stillness and Community

What is meditation?

--by J. Krishnamurti (Feb 28, 2000)

The question is not how to meditate, what system to follow, but what is meditation? The 'how' can only produce what the method offers, but the very inquiry into what is meditation will open the door to meditation. The inquiry does not lie outside of the mind, but within the movement of the mind itself. In pursuing that inquiry, what becomes all-important is to understand the seeker himself, and not what he seeks. What he seeks is the projection of his craving, of his own compulsions, desires. When this fact is seen, all searching ceases, which in itself is enormously significant. Then the mind is no longer grasping at something beyond itself, there is no outward movement with its reaction inwards; but when seeking has entirely stopped, there is a movement of the mind which is neither outward nor inward. Seeking does not come to and end by an act of will, or by a complex process of conclusions. To stop seeking demands great understanding. The ending of search is the begining of (meditation). -- Krishnamurti

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