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The Mystery of Silence

On Feb 19, 2008 supun wrote:

I read this a few times, and it is very confusing. When I read it out loud it sounded very nice. But yet for something that speaks of silience it is a bit fluffy and long winded (probably purposfully?). I don't know if silence cannot be described, maybe it doesn't need to be described and that's probably her point. Sometimes we take it for granted just like we take "peace" for granted as only a concept. Silence is very real just like peace can be. The main idea in me at this point: The mind knows of silence just like it can contain the concept of nothingness :-). But, I don't agree that Silence is our TRUE nature, but I think it is part of our nature that we tend to take for granted. Sometimes I equate silence with not being awake. Then I realize maybe the point of reading this is to be aware. I don't know if things dissapper into this type of Silence. It become more like a less muddy pond where clarity appears :-P

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