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We Are What We Choose to Be

On Oct 10, 2015 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 Many times we have read, heard and talked about  wisdom sayings like, " Know thy self"," An unexamined life is not worth living", "The essence of living truly lies in the heart of our cave". These are great words of wisdom for contemplation and reflection. We all know that to be truth is to live the truth freely and fearlessly.When we make it a goal to achieve it, have it, we are adding one more on the doing and having list. Being is like the sun rising giving its
light, the flower blooming giving its fragrance, the wind touching and the mother loving. Having has a beginning and ending bound by  space and time.In the having world-both internal and external, there is no wholeness and fullness. There is always that dear-like, chasing the mirage, there is always that striving, needing and wanting more and more. We are too familiar with this world of doing and having.

I have faced this question many times: What is my purpose for being here in this world? To be happy? My happiness was contingent on having someone to love me.Does it have that forever ingredient? Di I always feel loved and happy? To me the freedom is the freedom of being and not having. Having is more like having clothes but not the wearer. As I am getting older, my  "having world"  is shrinking effortlessly and my "'being world" is effortlessly expanding. In that "being world" there is I without being bound by my ego.When I step out of this being zone, I quickly become mindful of it and move into the being zone.

May we be awakened to be in the being zone! Namaste.

Jagdish P Dave

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