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    On Oct 10, 2015 david doane wrote:

    Having and being are two different ways of living.  Having involves being goal directed, striving, holding on, possessing, accumulating.  Being is goal-less, non striving, letting go, allowing, not grasping.  I have things that are external to me, even if they are under my skin, like to have bigger muscles or to have more knowledge.  Being is me, the essence that is me.  It is said that freedom is another word for nothing left to lose which triggers for me that freedom is nothing left to have.  Being is not having, having is not being.  I have the freedom to both have and be.  I am a human being and a human having.  In my life, I've done a lot of having, and I find that being results in more satisfaction than having.  I feel I can choose being at any time including right now, and I am enjoying that freedom to be right now.  There are many aspects to me, fear being one of them, and I know the whole me is bigger than any of the aspects.  The many times I have given in to my fear and not been me result in sadness and regret that motivate me to override my fear and be me.  Listening less to the fear and going ahead with being me in spite of the fear helps me to realize that I am more than my fear.      

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