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Un-learning the Ways of Un-love

On Jan 8, 2008 Anand wrote:

i do have a fair respect for those words..i do want to get it through my head and mind..on the contrary is it really practical..or happening around our there a gene inside our body who might mutate us to think like that..even if you are to change yourself..would you get the same from others..yeah i know..i am not supposed to discredit such wonderful peals of wisdom..possibly i have never come across such eliquent words..i have lost a lot in love..three times and i have been that guy who did not own anybody..i gave the lady all her freedom..i gave her equality..i gave her understanding..and i gave her love..unconditional love..the only thing i had in my heart was to spend the whole of my life with i am alone..since 8 years..and her thoughts get me to the bar..i drink ..wipe my tears..and forget about her..this is like a procedure for me i understand that Love is not blind..but i wish everybody love..i am looking for comfort myself..and i could listen to and console any other ..i could be reached on pardon me if i have said something wrong..

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