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    On Aug 25, 2015 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     How to know what we don't know? The mind comes up with this wonderment and tries to know the mystery of the unknown.The unknown becomes known and the the inquiry continues. In this way, science has made  great progress. And the inquiry continues. Philosophers  also make inquiries without the requirement of proving their mental explorations and ideas and systems. Mystics also have that wonderment and openness of the heart to welcome whatever arises on its own.

    They are not looking for any validation. They become what they realize. The distinction between the subject and the object disappears. It is neither me nor you,  neither this nor that. It is neither demonstrable or describable. It is like pointing a  finger towards the moon.

    I can relate to all the three modes of knowing. The most enchanting and the most fulfilling experience is the mystical experience of finding oneself in losing oneself, where the separation between the knower and the known gets dissolved. Such experiences are transformative dispelling the  illusory world I create and in which I live.It is a  non-doing and a non-possessing world. It is like the Zen poem: Sitting by the river, Spring comes, And the grass grows by itself.

    Jagdish PDave

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