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Choosing Suffering over Safety

On Aug 20, 2015 d-marie wrote:

 A parent continues to share and teach throughout his courageous journey with a terminal illness. Words of wisdom from friends, be a daughter first, not the healthcare professional or caretaker, be blessed to have a long
good bye vs an unexpected death.  True suffering, observing the pain of a loved one through their eyes.  The slow deterioration of a strong-willed, independent, life-loving man. How I wonder can the body be so ravaged and with the will to live so strong.  I suffered alongside my dad.  I pray for for peace, I pray for gods will and the prayer I thought never possible. Please Dad be at peace so we will meet again. I chose to remember by dad teaching me how to dance. His words 'be brave' for me now.  Four  months now, I pray for courage and to be brave without my dad at my side.

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