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Choosing Suffering over Safety

On Aug 18, 2015 leonard Kaboggoza wrote:

 Leonard Kaboggoza- I think suffering is to collide with a  an expected, unpleasant experience in life which  come on my way because of  the choice I have  made. Whatever choice  I make, am  accountable / culpable of the end    results.   I take suffering as not  suffering by accepting to make a choice, and  live a life that I  understand as a human person.  As human beings, we learn by teaching, it is that experience we go through that transforms us  and  find   joy within the experience of suffering. When I make good choice I  find joy, When I make a bad choice in favour of safety, I end up  suffering the more. I have been a victim of this life situation. Life is not a straight line cannot do away with suffering.  Through suffering we are able to  reflect back, evalaute ourselves, and make new strategies for attaining eternal joy.

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