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Spontaneous Resonance

On Aug 8, 2015 david doane wrote:

 Spontaneous reaction is an unplanned impulsive behavior to change what is happening, such as a spontaneous effort to catch someone who is falling or spontaneously objecting to something I don't agree with.  Spontaneous resonance is an unplanned feeling of synchrony or harmony with what is happening, such as spontaneously feeling fully in agreement with and in tune with and one with what someone is saying or doing.  I have many times felt spontaneous resonance to something someone has said or done.  Such are moments of unity and love.  I have sometimes felt that resonance with teachers and mentors and simply other persons, and it's a very positive feeling.  Judgmentalness, preconceived notions, premeditated biases, expectations, rules, and fear all block the flow of spontaneity, and being open, present, and accepting of myself get me over all that 'stuff' that blocks the flow.

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