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Spontaneous Resonance

On Aug 7, 2015 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 As I understand, a spontaneous reaction is an action to a stimulus outside of oneself. It is like a fight, flight or freeze stress response. It is instinctive with no intervention of cognitive processing. It is an instant reaction.It may result into a positive or negative outcome, a blessing or a curse; a blessing to celebrate,a curse to regret or repent.

Spontaneous resonance happens within oneself with no conscious intention or deliberation. It just happens. It is like a flower blooming, a poem birthing and naturally coming out.It is unfolding. It is like fragrance of a flower spreading without an effort. It is an effortless happening.

I have experienced both -spontaneous reaction and spontaneous resonance. I reacted to a scorpion by jumping off- an instant avoidance behavior, resulting into no painful stinging. Reacting to a driver cutting me off with an angry feeling is another example of a instinctive reaction.

I have had many experiences of spontaneous resonance. I am a poet.The poems spouting from my heart effortlessly have been the most endearing poems.I get lost in my own self to find myself. I am not composing the poem, the poem is composing by itself. The song is composing itself and I am listening to it. The composer and the listener merge into each other. the dancer becomes the dancing or the dancing becomes the dancer. The subject-object separation gets dissolved  resulting in oneness. There is a knowing, an experiencing, a realization of the mantra, aham brahmasmi- I am that. It is an awakening experience. I have such experiences when I meditate, when i walk in nature by myself, when i read certain poems that touch my heart.

We all are blessed with such gifts arising in and from our hearts. It is my observation that we are becoming more and more head-oriented missing the joys of uncomplicated simple but profound living.

May we keep out hearts open to receive and give simple gifts of love and joy.

Jagdish P Dave

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