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    On Jul 25, 2015 david doane wrote:

     I suppose all that is, all the unfolding and evolution of the cosmos, is a surrender experiment.  The surrender experiment for me can be for me to put aside my trying to steer and control, put aside my goal directedness, let go of my agendas, surrender to what it is that I am experiencing, and see what happens.  I've had interactions in which I say what I think, feel, and/or see without trying to control the outcome, and such interactions are more exciting and alive than when I try to control the outcome.  What helps me develop awareness of the natural forces of life and harmonize with them is waking up, opening my eyes and seeing, letting go of my expectations and desires, learning to allow and work with what's happening rather than try to control.  Dealing with my children helps me to learn to surrender and be responsive to where they're at and not try to impose my will and fight with them.  Life is much too big to fight and try to control.  I am in harmony with life except for when I fight it.  It's easier to accept and allow the harmony.  It helps me to reflect and meditate on all this.  It helps me to have "Process, not outcome" as a mantra for myself.

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