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Effects of Adversity

On Jul 21, 2015 Jagdish P dave wrote:

 It is my experience and observation that we all experience adversity and suffering in varying degrees. How we take it makes the difference in the impact of adversities. I also realize that some adversities are out of my control such as natural happenings like floods, hurricanes, volcanoes and earth quakes. But most of our sufferings are self created and self-sustained,

Looking back at my life, I see how we growing up in a poor family did not suffer for not having many things others had in their lives. My parents had a deep sense of contentment with whatever possessions we had. By growing up in such a family, I did not feel the poverty within me for not having "enough" in my life. I married a woman I loved very dearly. She was born and raised in a very rich family having luxurious things she wanted. She left her home and embraced to live in the poor extended family out of deep love for me.Love and faith were our anchors that kept us flowing with the wonderful life.

That happy journey ended when she passed away about three years ago. Did I suffer? You bet. Losing some one, a soul mate for some 60 plus years of my life is very very hard. Is there a grace in suffering? Yes.I have realized the truth that  every hi has a bye and every bye has a hi.Nothing is here for ever.Living life with this awareness is keeping the cup of my life full.Sharing the fullness of my living with others and serving them from my heart is a blessing to me and I feel gratitude for receiving such blessings from others. It is by giving I indeed receive.

May the suffering we go through enkindle the light of forgiveness and compassion in us  and make us feel connected with each other..

Jagdish P Dave

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