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    On Jul 17, 2015 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

     Why be good? Because being good opens the opportunity for others to be as well. I interpreted good as Compassionate; being compassionate serves everyone and often costs nothing but energy and time. Growth from adversity:  I believe it is all in how we choose to view a situation: what can I learn from this? what is the potential gift in this experience? how can this help me be more compassionate and understanding of others? Personal experience: My father tried to kill himself 5 times, by the time I was 15  he could no longer work and he died when I was 22. What were the gifts? Compassion & seeking to understand what was going on for him.  unless we ask and seek to understand, we do not know what is going on for someone. The asking may open an opportunity for the person to speak, share and release some of their own sadness or the burden they feel that they are alone. The experience of growing up with my father led me to listening deeply to others who may be challenged with mental illness or whatever challenge they are facing. It also led me to Free Hugs and connecting, conversing and offering comfort through 2 words on a cardboard sign. and when I went through depression myself it helped me to see that the darkness helped me view the light with even more gratitude. Overcoming adversity once also helps you realize you can do it again and again and you can serve others to overcome as well. Hugs from my heart to yours.

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