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Call Me by My True Names

On Jul 15, 2015 Ingeborg Mara Hecking wrote:

In fact it was only one sentence that kept me going and alive for years. A sentence said with compassion and about compassion. On the phone. But with a depth in the voice so these words were nourishing and warming. They went right to my heart. The words were: "Mara, you do have my deepest compassion".
My real name is not Mara. But in saying Mara the way this person did it, it would not only open up my heart and help me out of a shocked state of being, it literally kept me alive.
Reconnecting to the warm sound these words were said with many years ago, opens up my heart in compassion for myself and for people around me even if I might not understand what they are doing or saying. Sometimes I still find it challenging to stay compassionate when I am hurt badly or feel treated with injustice and feelings of revenge come up in my mind. To remember I am part of everything, like written in the poem, is helpful to me then.
And I practice to reconnect with the feeling I had when I listened to the sound of the voice on the phone.

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